Welcome to the home of sustainability at your Student Union, as well as where you can find out all about Green Week 2024! 

Eco market & fayre, sustainable travel, speaker events, practical workshops and plenty of opportunities to show your love for the environment

What is Green Week?

Green Week is dedicated to promoting sustainability on campus. It's also a great opportunity to meet some awesome sustainable businesses right here in Portsmouth. 

Make sure to swing by our eco market fayre on either Monday or Tuesday, or come along on Wednesday for our Wheely Good Travel Show. Learn all about sustainable travel and even get your bike checked while you're there!

We also have a lineup of speaker events covering topics like climate change and sustainability in several fields, as well as plenty of other activities for you to get involved in and make a positive impact on our planet

Earth Day 2024

Earth Day this year falls on 22nd April 2024 and marks the beginning of our Green Week across the University of Portsmouth Campus.

The theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs Plastics and is a great reason to promote the work of the Revolutions Plastics Institute right here at University of Portsmouth.

Sustainability at the University of Portsmouth 

One of the University's strategic priorities is to become one of the UK's leading universities in environmental sustainability. You can find out more about UoPs sustainability strategy here.

Sustainability at the Students' Union

Here at the Student Union, Climate is one of our annual priorities. We have a team of staff and students that drive sustainability work at the Union and work in partnership with University staff. They are the team that bring you Green Week! You can view the Union's Sustainability Commitments here.

The Student Voices for Sustainability on Campus

Laurence Judd

Laurence is the Sustainability and Accessibility Exec that sits on the Unions Group Executive as well as Student Council. Laurence is a key student representative for climate and sits on the Union Climate Group and the University Sustainability Working Group. Laurence is also currently studying Environmental Science.

Contact him at groupsabilityexec@upsu.net

Ines Brzychcyk

Ines is your Elected Welfare Officer for the 2023/24 academic year. Ines sits on the University Sustainability Working Group and is also the Officer lead for the Union's Climate Group.

Contact her at electedofficers@upsu.net

Eco Society

Eco Society are a completely FREE society focused on internal change, eduction and having fun while saving the planet 🌱

Vegan Society

The Vegan Society are working to encourage our University's cafeterias to switch to a plant based catering system, following climate conscious research produced in Universities such as ours.

Got an idea?

Why not use Have Your Say to submit your idea. It's kind of like a University of Portsmouth student version of change.org

Submit your idea, get some backers and Student Council will take your idea forward to make change.

You can also contact climate@upsu.net if you want to discuss any sustainabity initatives you are already working on that you would like our support with.