Adopt a Student Group 

Become a student community that's for you!

Below is a list of all of our inactive student groups. This means that they currently do not have an elected committee or membership base. If you want to adopt one of our Inactive groups all you need to do is make sure you have at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer ready to take on the running of the group and email to express your interest.

Ahlul Bayt

 The UoP Ahlulbayt Society is an Islamic society uniting muslims for the love of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his progeny.  

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society 

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society is for people of all skill sets and backgrounds who want to learn or practice robotics skills & knowledge.

Aikido Society

Aikido is a Japanese Martial art, perfect for those looking for a new hobby.

Assassins Society

The place to run a series of non-lethal games of mock-assassination where players are designated a target which they then must hunt down whilst being targeted themselves. 


 A group for people studying automotive courses or who are just interested and passionate in automotive.

Bangladeshi Society

 A group for Bangladeshi students to create a safe space as well as promoting their culture on campus.

Bulgarian Society

A group for students to explore or reconnect with Bulgarian culture and traditions.


A group for Bangladeshi students or the wider Bengali community 

Brazilian Ju Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art, which can be used as as a form of self-defence, discipline, self-confidence or simply as a fun activity to do.  

Breaking Society

 A Group open to anybody interested in breaking (Bboying) regardless of current level or previous experience. 

Campus Prayer Ministry


Capoeira Society

A group for students to explore and learn what Capoeira is.


A group for those who love a laugh or making others laugh.

Design Society

A course society who intend to unite students from all years studying design related courses.

Earth Society

Egyptian Society

A group to create a community where you feel home away from home and a hub for all Egyptian students or for those interested in the Egyptian culture.

Environmental Society

 A group which  focus on environmental impacts and local sustainability events which can help make the world a little better!  

Ethical Hacking

A group to expand students' skills so that they have more employability skills for the information security industry. 

Fashion & Textiles

A group to bring people together who are studying or interested in fashion and textiles, whether its making your own clothes or designing.


A Society for people both studying Forensic Science and/or interested in the field.

Girl Up

If working to end gender inequality tickles your fancy Girl Up Portsmouth is the society for you.  


 A Society for people both studying History and/or interested in the field.

Ice Hockey

A group for individuals who are interested in learning how to play ice hockey or already do!

Italian Society

 A student led group that celebrates and promotes Italian food and culture in and around Portsmouth University. 

Jitsu Society

Jitsu is a practically-based fun & technical martial art, based in modern situations.

Kabaddi Society

A group for anyone that are interested in learning or playing the tactical contact sport of Kabaddi.

Kurdish Students Society

  A student led group that celebrates and promotes Kurdish history and culture in and around Portsmouth University. 


 A student group for those who want to learn Latin dance or continue their hobby.

Legal Hackers

 The UoP Legal Hackers society explores the intersection between law and technology. 

Lego Society

A group for individuals who enjoy Lego to come together.

Levant (Bilad El Sham)

A group for Lebanese students and their friends at the University of Portsmouth. 

Liberal Democrat Students

 A group for supporters of the Liberal Democrat Party and like-minded individuals who broadly support the Party.


A friendly space for people who share a love for Marvel, whether you're a hardcore fan or if you're only just getting into it. 

Motorcycle Society

A group for motorcycle enthusiasts from a variety of riding backgrounds.

Nail Art Society

A group for nail artists or enthusiasts to get together.

Octopush Society

Also known as scuba hockey, this group is perfect for if you want to try something new!

Paintball Society

A group for those to play paintballing, it's competitive and a unique team experience 

Palestine Solidarity Society

 A group which aims to educate and actively spread awareness about the ongoing Palestinian struggle under occupation by the Israeli Apartheid regime 

Paramedic Society


Polish Group

 A group which would provide a networking platform for Polish, Polish-speaking students and those interested in Poland 

Portsmouth University Conservative Association

A group for supporters of the Conservative Party and like-minded individuals who broadly support the Party. 

Portsmouth University Construction Society

A society for all things related to careers in construction 

Professional Wrestling Fans Society

 A society for the professional wrestling fans of the University of Portsmouth. 

Property Development


Psychology Society

A Society for people both studying Psychology and/or interested in the academic field.



Quidditch Club

 Quidditch is a mixed gender (and trans inclusive), fast paced, and full contact sport.  Play, compete and make new friends across the country.

Reggae Society

The Reggae Society aims to cater to fans of anything which could broadly be described as reggae, such as roots or dancehall.

Romanian Society


Rotaract Society

 Rotaract Portsmouth are a student-led community service society, supporting projects and voluntary action which help our fellow students and our neighbours. 


An open place where the Saudi culture will be presented and all students and members at the university are welcome to join us in a wide range of activities.  

Sci- Fi Society

A group for those who love all things sci-fi whether movies, books or comics.

Sensual Bachata Society

 UOP sensual Bachata is a group for those who want to learn sensual bachata or continue dancing.

Sexpression Society

UOP Sexpression is a student-led near-peer relationship and sex education programme.

Socialist Society

 A group for students who want to voice their socialist views against capitalism.

Sociology Society

A group for students both studying sociology or who are just interested!

Software Development

A group for likeminded individuals who are interested in software development

Somali Society



 If you study Spanish at university, or speak the language, even a little, or simply love the Spanish culture, this society is for you!  

Stand up to Racism

Stand up to Racism is the perfect group for those who want to fight against racism.

Star Wars Society

 A group to bring together those who love the Star Wars movies and TV shows

Tamil Society


Tango Group

Tango is not a choreographed dance, it's a social dance. This group is a place to socialise and dance whether beginner or intermediate.

Tchoukball Club

Tchoukball is a fast paced handball sport that requires agility, technique for shooting, safe hands for catching, and nimble feet for leaping.  

Tea Party Society


Ten-Pin Bowling

A social group for people to play bowling together, whether competitively or just for fun!

University of Portsmouth Society of Energy & Electronics

Virtual Reality

A group to promote the understanding, experimentation and use of technologies for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Yoga Society

A society to bring together people to do yoga together, whether experienced or just beginning.

Zimbabwean Society

The Zimbabwean Society brings together those who interested in the Zimbabwean culture