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World Language Proficiency Testing in UPSD

2023-2024 World Language Testing Dates:

Registration Information:  Now OPEN

SIGNUP HERE for OCTOBER 24th 2023 click here

Signups CLOSE: 3pm October 10th, 2023

World Language Proficiency Testing FAQs


Who are these tests for?

Students in grades 8-11.  12th  grade CHS students who are currently credit deficient may also take this opportunity, please speak with your counselor if interested. 

How do students know if they can pass the tests? 

If you can answer “Yes, I can do this fairly easily” to each statement in a language other than English, then you will probably be able to earn at least 1-2 credits. If you can answer “Yes, I can do this very easily” to all of the statements, then you may be able to earn 1-4 credits when you get tested.

1. I can understand ideas on familiar topics expressed through phrases, short sentences, and frequently used expressions. [Listening]

2. I can understand the main idea and some details in simple texts that contain familiar vocabulary. [Reading]

3. I can exchange information with another person about familiar tasks, topics and activities. [Person-to-Person Communication]

4. I can use a series of phrases and sentences to provide basic information about familiar topics. [Spoken Production]

5. I can write simple descriptions and short messages and request or provide information on familiar topics. [Writing]

Where can students register for and take the assessment?

Students can sign up ONLINE and pay for testing with the bookkeeping clerk at their school. Please complete the registration through the link above.

Credits and Benefits 

How many credits can a student earn by demonstrating fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening?

This year students will be able to earn up to four credits, depending upon the level of proficiency they demonstrate on the assessments in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students may demonstrate varied levels of proficiency across these four skill areas, and because credits will be awarded based on the lowest level of proficiency demonstrated across the skill areas, it is important for students to have strong skills in all four areas.

What is the benefit of taking this test?

Students will earn proficiency-based high school credits. 

What will the test cost?

Students and their families are responsible for paying the cost of the test. The cost of the test varies by language test, based upon the cost charged by the test vendor. The reason that some tests cost much more than others is due to the necessity of having a live person who speaks the language administer the speaking and listening/signing portions of the test (via a live phone call).

What is the Seal of Biliteracy and how do I earn one?

If you earn the maximum four credits from these district approved tests (ALTA/Stamp4S/WorldSpeak), you will be eligible to earn the WA State Seal of Biliteracy on your transcript upon successful completion of all English Language Arts assessment and graduation requirements.  The language you earn the credits in will appear on your transcript as your second language. 

What Languages will be tested?

These are the languages that will be offered for testing this year for registered students:

Language/ Cost of Test*

         American Sign Language $150/SLPI

         Arabic $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Bulgarian $132/ALTA*

         Dutch  $132/ALTA*

         Farsi $132/ALTA*

         French $22.90/STAMP 4S

         German $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Hebrew $22.90/STAMP 4S

Hungarian $132/ALTA*

         Indonesian $132/ALTA*

         Italian $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Japanese $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Korean $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Mandarin (Simplified OR Traditional) $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Macedonian $132/ALTA*

         Norwegian $132/ALTA*

         Polish $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Portuguese $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Punjabi $132/ALTA*

         Romanian $132/ALTA*

         Russian $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Samoan $22.90/STAMP WS

         Spanish $22.90/STAMP 4S

         Swahili $132/ALTA*

          (Tagalog)Filipino $22.90/STAMP WS

         Thai $132/ALTA*

         Turkish $22.90/STAMP WS

         Ukrainian $132/ALTA*

         Urdu $132/ALTA

         Vietnamese $22.90/STAMP WS

*$66 payment for Writing component required first.  If Writing is passed, another $66 required for the Oral Live component. 

What about languages NOT on the list?

To help us plan for testing for other World Languages for future testing opportunities, please email with your student name, school, grade and the world language requested, so that the district can make plans to offer additional languages in the future.

If I am not satisfied with my results, can I retest?

Yes, you can retest. You will need to pay for each test that you take and costs may fluctuate depending on the vendor’s pricing and administrative costs for each test day.