Advanced Placement


2024 CHS AP Exam Information (Click Here)

Minimum Deposit of $40 per exam due by: 

November 6th, 2023

There is no deposit due for students with free/reduced lunch. 


All students enrolled in Advanced Placement course(s) at Curtis High School are expected to take the Advanced Placement exam(s). The 2024 exam fee is $98 per each exam.

Students who are enrolled in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch Program qualify for the College Board and OSPI fee reduction on all AP Exams that they take in a given year.  

A student is eligible for free or reduced price lunches if his or her family's income is at or below 185 percent of the poverty level issued annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If you meet this criteria and have not applied for "free or reduced lunches", please complete the application form immediately on the UPSD district website. 

If you have any questions, please contact the CHS AP Coordinator:

Barnaby Fletcher, CHS Guidance Counselor, 253-566-5713

Additional information can be found at


AP stands for Advanced Placement. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, you can earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the admission process, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in college tuition.

AP courses can help students acquire the skills and habits needed to be successful in college. Students will improve writing skills, sharpen problem-solving abilities, and develop time management skills, discipline, and study habits.


More than 90 percent of four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP Exam scores. By entering college with AP credits, students will have the time to move into upper level courses, pursue a double-major or study abroad.

AP students are more likely to graduate from college in four years. Students who take longer to graduate at public colleges and universities can spend up to $19,000 for each additional year. AP helps students qualify for scholarships... 31 percent of colleges and universities look at AP experience when determining scholarships.


The composite score for each AP Exam is converted to a score of 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1. An AP Exam score of 5 is equivalent to an A in the corresponding college course; a score of 4 is equivalent to grades of A-, B+ and B; and a score of 3 is equivalent to grades of B-, C+ and C.

If a student scores a 3 or above on an exam, the college may give credit, advanced placement or both, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the college a student enrolls in.

Exams are taken the first two weeks of May and score reports are available online in July.  Students can view their scores and choose to send scores to colleges using their College Board account at

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