The Asian Citrus Psyllid

The Asian Citrus Psyllid is an invasive species that has dominated the valley. The disease it transmits, known as huanglongbing disease, threatens Tulare County's $1.3 billion citrus industry. Together, we can bring awareness to help slow the spread and save our environment.

The Objective:

With the significant demand for citrus and knowing California is globally dominant in the citrus industry, the ACP poses a major threat here in the valley and in communities across California. Together, the members of the ACP Team hope this website can help our community become more informed of the threats ACP brings.

Action 1: ACP Awareness Survey

In this civic action we completed was focused on gauging the current awareness of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and the HLB disease. This was all thanks to you guys, the citizens of California.

Action 2: Email

We sent an email to Neil O’Connell, a retired farm advisor for the University Of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources Division. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response after multiple attempts to contact him.

Action 3: Podcast

In this action, the team decided to make a podcast answering general questions about the ACP/HLB. It also addressed personal control about the issue and tips on helping the community.

Action 4: 2nd Email Attempt

In this action we reached out to Johnathan Bixler, the Deputy Ag. Commissioner of the Tulare County Ag. Commissioner’s Office. Regarding county statistics on the ACP & HLB in Tulare County and the surrounding communities.

Action 5: Website

Our last action is the creation of this informational website, with all of the resources we have gathered throughout our research, as well as the statistics to inform our community about the ACP & HLB disease.

Concerned? Questions? Need Help?

Please contact your local AG Officials:

Tulare County Agriculture Official Website: