Umóⁿhoⁿ Language &

Cultural Center

Wagóⁿze-ama: Vida Stabler 'Hiⁿxpéwiⁿ', Pat Phillips 'Wétana',

Rufus White 'Shúde Gína', Alvina Webster 'Nóⁿgtheze',

Clifford R. Wolfe Jr. 'Síⁿde Ska'

Please use the links in our sidebar (Left) to access other areas of our site. Also included are the 10 Clans of the Húthuga (tribal circle), current Title VI / ULCC staff, and other offerings of significance to the Umóⁿhoⁿ tribal community.

The mission of the Title VI Umóⁿhoⁿ Language and Culture Center is:

    • to revive Umóⁿhoⁿ language use by the children and people of our community by creating language experiences that allow our children to learn from our Elders and Culture Teachers;

    • to nurture the use of spoken Umóⁿhoⁿ through the teaching of cultural values and beliefs of our people;

    • to develop “hands-on” materials for life-experience language acquisition;

    • to use research-based methods of language instruction;

    • to develop and train Umóⁿhoⁿ speakers to teach others;

    • to develop speakers from a community of “Active Listeners” with the intent they become Teacher / Learners;

    • to promote the community-wide use of the existing standardized orthography (writing system); and

    • to secure the status of Umóⁿhoⁿ Language as a “World Language” at the Nebraska Department of Education.

Our site is in development. The following areas have not yet been added:

  • Student Work.

  • Title VI Parent Committee.

  • Wagóⁿze Nóⁿxti-ama Wóⁿgithe: Full historical list of Elder Language Teachers at Umóⁿhoⁿ Nation Public School