Welcome to the Unizin Teaching & Learning Advisory Group

You will need to join the Teaching & Learning Advisory Group (T&L) to access community pages beyond this welcome page. See the FAQs below for information about the group.

On the member homepage you will find resources, meeting notes, and details regarding the T&L Group's projects and activities.  Visit the Subcommittee Pages for details about each group.  

If you haven't previously accessed the T&L Advisory Group member homepage, click the "Join the Teaching & Learning Advisory Group" button to access and fill out the membership request form. 

Please allow 1-2 business days for submissions to the Membership Request Form to be processed.

What is the Teaching & Learning (T&L) Advisory Group?

The Teaching & Learning Advisory Group is the “boots on the ground” component of the Unizin Consortium.  We share our perspectives to inform Unizin projects.

T&L Advisory Group Charge (Version 2.0, 2019)

In order to enhance the development of teaching and learning tools and services in Unizin, the Unizin Teaching and Learning (T&L) Advisory Group is charged to:

What are the T&L Subcommittees?

The best way to participate in the T&L group is to join one of the topic-based subcommittees. Meetings are typically held monthly and are led by chairs or co-chairs. T&L subcommittee members are welcome to attend the meetings of any subcommittee. To join a subcommittee, click the Join the Teaching & Learning Advisory Group button on this page and select the subcommittee(s) you would like to join from the list on the form. Once your submission has been processed you will be added to the mailing list and calendar invites for the subcommittees you selected.

An umbrella represents the T&L Advisory Group over Subcommittees and Communities of Practice

Join the T&L Advisory Group

To join the T&L Advisory Group, click the Join the Teaching & Learning Advisory Group button toward the top of the page to access the membership request form.

Membership in the T&L Advisory Group is an easy way to learn about Unizin projects and initiatives that may be of interest to you. Benefits include:

What are upcoming Unizin Events?

Details for the following events will be sent to the Teaching & Learning Advisory Group mailing list.

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee Speed Dating

The T&L Subcommittees hold a "speed dating" event periodically to help new members identify a group or groups they might like to join. This event is an opportunity to ask questions about upcoming projects and activities. 

Teaching & Learning Advisory Group Meetings

The full T&L Advisory Group (or as many as can attend) meets twice yearly. This meeting is an opportunity to hear what institutions are doing.  The T&L Subcommittees generally use some of this time to discuss their future direction and plan activities and projects. This is a good opportunity to share project status and request feedback from the other groups. Whether the meeting is face-to-face or virtual, there is an opportunity to connect with people across the consortium socially.

What is Unizin?

Unizin is a consortium of Higher Education Institutions that works together to realize a shared vision for quality learning environments, support for faculty, staff, and students, and affordable access. 

The power of Unizin lies in collaboration across the community.  View the Unizin relationships diagram.

Unizin Leadership and Staff are passionate about the mission of the consortium. These individuals use their wealth of experience to develop and facilitate consortial goals.  Meet the Unizin Leadership team and staff.

What is the Unizin Board?

The Board is composed of executives from IT, Academic Technology, Centers of Teaching and Learning, Provost’s offices, and Libraries representing each of Unizin’s member institutions.