«If we'd like to live in a civil society and respect people who have different values ​​than our own, dialogue is essential, which is why foreign language teaching has become increasingly vital from both pedagogical and intercultural point of view. This might be true from a global perspective, but also from a local or national one, from places (and time) where it seems particularly difficult to live a non-violent interaction with those who are or seem different from us» .

«Dialogue can not be built only on a technical or theoretical knowledge of foreign words, phonetics or grammars, but rather presupposes the formation of a personality able to exercise at the same time emotional participation and critical awareness which, as Gramsci teaches us, is built on "knowing what one really is... as a product of the historical process to date which has deposited in you an infinity of traces, without leaving an inventory" (Gramsci, 1971, p. 324). Our mission, or ambition, is to contribute in our small, through the teaching and learning of the Japanese language, to the growth of more conscious, empathic and therefore dialogic relationships between ourselves and others, for the purpose of a citizenship, global and peaceful» .

[Marcella Mariotti 2018. Read more HERE]


Marcella MARIOTTI is an experienced scholar in Japanese Language Education (JLE), former Chairperson of the Japanese Language Teachers Association in Europe (AJE), awarded in 2019 by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for connecting academia and employment through placement tutoring at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She graduated in Japanese Studies at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (1996) and proceeded to specialize in Media Studies at Osaka University (MA and PhD Credits Completion, 1996-2001) and in Japanese language grammar teaching at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (PhD, 2007). Later on, she conducted post-doctoral research in Japan on hypermedia applied to Japanese language learning (ICU and Waseda University, 2008-10), going back to Ca' Foscari University in 2010 as Assistant Professor. Here, she is Associate Professor in Japanese Language and Literature (L.OR/22) since 2019, conducting Action Research on Transformative Critical Language Pedagogy.

Full Curriculum Vitae: HERE

In brief: I love technology, studying and teaching Japanese language, finding ways to be active for a better inclusive present and future democratic society.

The NoLBrick team in Belgrade, Serbia (August 2018, The 23rd AJE Symposium)


Latest publications:

  • Marcella Mariotti Action Research Zero (ARZ) Workshop: Is an ‘absolute beginner’ learner really a ‘zero-beginner’? [Panel paper. Panel title: Is a ‘zero’ always a ‘zero’? From ‘blank-learners’ to ‘maieutic teachers’ , with Hosokawa H., Ichishima N.] in YOROPPA NIHONGO KYOIKU, vol. 24, pp. 240-250 (ISSN 1745-7165)
    Read the full article

  • Marcella Mariotti No-Level Brick Foreign Language Education: Definition of the Field and Explanation of the Purposes – Japanese Language Classroom as Case Study [Panel paper. Panel title: "No-Level Brick - NOLBRICK Foreign Language Education:Exploration of its Potential and Challenges" by M. Mariotti, T. Kojima, C. Alessandrini] in IAFOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION, OFFICIAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, vol. N/D (ISSN 2189-1036)
    Read the full article

  • Marcella Mariotti Including ‘Whom’? Including ‘in Where’? Foreign Language Teaching as Deboxing System , Proceedings of the 25TH Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum, Princeton University, pp. 429-451, Convegno: The 25th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum, 11-12 Maggio 2020
    Read the full article

Under review:

  • Marcella, Mariotti; Noriko, Ichishima; Hideo, Hosokawa Venezia de hajimete deau nihongo - AR zero chōsen (Meeting the Japanese Language for the first time, in Venice - Action Research Zero Challange)
    Reference page

Full publications list here.

You can also click on the logo to access the NoLBrick blog

NoLBrick Language Education: the core of my research

No-Level Brick Language Education for All is a research project and framework developed by Prof. Marcella M. MARIOTTI in the field of Japanese language education. NoLBrick works towards the implementation of transformative language educational practices, the de-standardization of language teaching, and the relevance of glocal e-Learning Ai systems, ultimately aiming at the development of active citizenship and social cohesion.

«Every person has the right and responsibility to talk no matter our language ‘level’.

Leaving to technology what it is able to carry off by itself,

can give back to human beings the time to think, feel and create» (Mariotti, 2021)

In brief:

  • The goal: development of active citizenship and social cohesion, and empowerment for all;

  • The tools: transformative language pedagogy, e-Learning;

    1. JALEA & JALEA Business for Japanese language learning and Business Japanese language acquisition (thanks to the continued support of Mitsubishi Corporation);
    2. a4edu as online Italian - Japanese Japanese - Italian dictionary (a dedicated application, "Cafoscari Jisho", is under development)

  • The NoLBrick blog: here you can find the fruits of all our projects. From students' voices to our team's academic perspective, the NoLBrick Blog is a place of coming together to reflect and elaborate on our experiences to decide what the next step will be. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have something to say!

  • The projects: you can find out more about our projects on the NoLBrick Blog;

    a. Japan Foundation Virtual Study Abroad Exchange Project;
    b. Japan Foundation Virtual Business Project;
    c. Japan Foundation Collaborative Creativity Project;

  • Latest NoLBrick conferences and seminars (more HERE. UNIVE):
    The 23rd AJE Symposium; University of Belgrade, Serbia (1 panel, 2 oral presentations, 1 poster; 08.2019);
    - NoLBrick Seminar; an online seminar held by Prof. Marcella MARIOTTI and Dr. Takuya KOJIMA on transformative language pedagogy and research activity (2020, second semester);

  • Japanese Language Education and Action Research:

    [thinking] - Active Learning and Action Research
    I encountered 'Japanese Language for thinking' in 2006 thanks to Prof. Ogawa Takashi, who introduced to me Prof. Hosokawa Hideo. I took part in prof. Hosokawa classes and seminars at Waseda University through 2008 to 2010, while being at ICU on Japan Society for the Promotion of Science post-doc Fellowship (JSPS). I felt extremely empowered and puzzled. Back to Ca' Foscari I started 'Kangaeru-Active Learning and Action Research', since 2010 .
    You can read more about findings in a.y. 2010-11, 2012-13, 2013/3 and 2013-14 activities in:

    Marcella MARIOTTI 2016 "Shakaiteki sekinin to shiminsei. Gaikokugo gakushū o tōshita jikoninshiki ni yotte 'jiyū' ni naru koto" (Social responsibility and citizenship. Gaining liberty through self-awarness during the process of foreign language learning), Shiminsei keisei to kotoba no kyōiku. Bogo, daini gengo, gaikokugo o koete. (Citizenship Formation and ​​Language Education: Beyond Native, Second, and Foreign Language), Tokyo, Kuroshio, pp. 103-127.

You can find a selection of the results of students' effort to express themselves in Japanese down below, ordered by our most recent projects.

E-Learning and self-learning: project links

JaLea Business (Mariotti, Mantelli 2018-today, Mitsubishi Corporation funds)
a4edu(Mantelli, Mariotti 2016)
JaLea (Mariotti, Mantelli, Lapis 2016, Mitsubishi Corporation funds)
Itadict (Mariotti, Mantelli 2011)
BunpoHyDict(Mariotti 2008, JSPS Post-doc research fellowship)


Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a.y. 2020-21, M.A.Prof. Marcella Mariotti Research Assistant: Chiara AlessandriniFacilitators: Elisa Aita, Simone Albesano, Luca Baici, Leonardo Ligabue, Matteo Nassini, Laura Palsano, Cristina Pani, Sara Riccardi, Sebastiano Serafini, Giorgia Serpani, Tommaso Tommasi, Gaia Varone, Stefany Zamora
















グループ7_「モナーの仲間」_レポート集 2020-2021.pdf









「私にとって大切なテーマ」- A subject relevant to me (2019-20)

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a.y. 2019-20, M.A.Prof. Marcella Mariotti Research Fellow: Dr. Takuya Kojima Research Assistant: Chiara AlessandriniFacilitators: Haruna Chatani, Pietro Ghezzo, Jeong Min, Ayana Miyazaki, Shoko Nishida, Leonardo Ligabue
Underground Explorers 公開用レポート集.pdf

Underground Explorers

ポップ・カルチャー・日本語 公開用レポート集.pdf


一期一会 公開用レポート集.pdf


「私の将来」- My future (2018-19)

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a.y. 2018-19, Bacherlor's degree course, Japanese Language 3.2 Class 1, Second SemesterProf. Marcella MariottiFacilitators: Alessandrini, Caddeo, Chatani, Gramaccioni, Ligabue, Mariko, Min, Morselli, Nassini, Nishida, Pasa, Sinatra, Varone
KNGR 18-19 Bastianello 公開用原稿.pdf


KNGR 18-19 D'Andrea 公開用原稿.pdf

私の夢 - 少しの希望があります!

KNGR 18-19 Savian 公開用原稿.pdf


KNGR 18-19 Paladin 公開用原稿.pdf


KNGR 18-19 Valerioti 公開用原稿.pdf


KNGR 18-19 Neri 公開用原稿.pdf


「私の研究テーマを目指して」- Toward my research theme

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a.y. 2017-18, M.A. Course, Japanese Language 1, Second SemesterProf. Hideo HosokawaSupport team: Suzuki, Nakayama, Mariotti, Kato, Alessandrini, Min, Ligabue
KNG2018 Caddeo 公開用原稿.pdf


KNG2018 Morselli 完成レポート - .pdf


KNG2018 EG 完成レポート - 公開用.pdf


KNG2018 Beccatini 公開用原稿 .pdf


KNG2018 Melinu 公開版.pdf

社会とコミュニケーションとの繋がり ー 日本社会における手話について

KNG2018 Gramaccioni 公開用原稿 .pdf


KNG2018 Rubini lm011n 公開「仮想人間」の世界へ:人間交流における新技術の影響.pdf


KNG2018 Denise LM011N 日本人の強い女性という夢を追いかける.pdf


Practical Studies: Action Research Zero

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, a.y. 2016-17, Zero Beginners Workshop (joint research)proff. Noriko Ichishima (Akita University), Hideo Hosokawa (Waseda University), Marcella Mariotti (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)


fukai kimochi.pdf


shi ongaku hoshi.pdf


zero_kngr 2016 aato.pdf


A.Y. 2013/14 Specialty: Japanese Culture (LICAAM)

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, : M.A. Course in Languages and Civilizations of Asia and North Africa
c_kngr 13:14 kyoumi.pdf


c_kngr 13:14 ura_omote.pdf


c_kngr 13:14 aato_samazamana.pdf


c_kngr 13:14 shiten.pdf


A.Y. 2013/14 Specialty: Japanese Economics (LISAAM)

Ca' Foscari University of Venice: M.A. Course in Languages and Economic and Legal Institutions of Asia and North Africa








Joint Blended Project Waseda - UCF 2013 (Feb-Mar)

Waseda University - Ca' Foscari University of Venice