Symposium on English Language Teaching-2019


ELTC, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

10th May 2019

“Enhancing Pedagogic Practices in ELT: Expectations and Realities”

Concept Note:

“Enhancing Pedagogic Practices in ELT: Expectations and Realities” is the theme of Symposium on English Language Teaching- 2019 University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka organized by the ELTC. The theme of the conference reflects what is encountered by the teachers and practitioners in the day to day language teaching exercise with regard to the available facilities and the expectations of the students and society. Since teaching of English as a second language in Sri Lankan context especially in the Northern Province where the opportunities for using the language is very minimum and learning the language in an atmosphere where exposure to the language is again at minimum, it is hoped that the research focusing on the expectations and realities would enhance the pedagogic practices in ELT. Therefore, the symposium would provide a platform for presenting the reality of the teaching ESL to all stakeholders and become a forum for analyzing and finding out alternative solutions to encounter the issues faced by the teachers and students.

The input of the intellectual gathering, the discussions and interactions with them in the symposium would pave way for more exposure to the latest trends with regard to the ELT methods and strategies used by various communities of ELT practitioners in different contexts and the teaching and learning community would have a chance to organize their pedagogic abilities and knowledge in the present world.

The sub-themes of the symposium would lead the researchers to get themselves encouraged and researched in their respective areas and present their research in front of an international intellectual gathering. This exercise would motivate younger researchers and students to continue their studies and research in the ELT and make them aware of the pedagogic practices in the fast developing field of ELT.