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Cybersecurity emerged as one of the most challenging research areas in computer science and engineering. The International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD) has been one of the foremost events established with the goal of disseminating knowledge in this critical area. The aim of the FOSAD school is to offer a good spectrum of current research in foundations of cybersecurity - ranging from programming languages to cryptographic protocols verification, from data protection to software systems security - that can be of help for graduate students and young researchers from academia or industry who intend to approach the field.

Since the first event in 2000 and until its 22nd edition in 2023, FOSAD attracted about 1020 participants and 180 lecturers from all over the world. The school programme alternates monographic courses given by well-known experts. Moreover, FOSAD encourages presentations given by those participants who intend to take advantage of the audience for discussing their current research in the area. Many of the young speakers of the FOSAD open session are now appreciated researchers and professors.


The FOSAD school is held annually at the University Residential Center of Bertinoro, in the fascinating scenario of a former convent and episcopal fortress that has been transformed into a modern conference facility with computing services and Internet access.


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Over the years, didactical material from the FOSAD lectures appeared in the tutorial series of Springer LNCS.

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Satellite events

The FOSAD school believes strongly in interaction among its participants and promotes the exchange of ideas, as happens in the open session and other side events, which include project meetings and workshops, such as the International Workshop on Views On Designing Complex Architectures (VODCA):