October 5-8, 2021

Newton-Okounkov bodies and Fanosearch

Levico Terme - Trentino - Italy

A four day event in the heart of the Dolomites

The workshop will take place at Hotel Bellavista, located in Levico Terme, a charming town close to the Levico lake and surrounded by mountains. The facility has already been used for socially-distanced conferences for some time now - management and staff are experienced in taking the appropriate measures for this to be possible. Our event will be quite contained, in order to guarantee the safety of the participants. For the virtual participants, the talks will be broadcasted online. We hope to see you all in October!

List of speakers

Lara Bossinger

Cinzia Casagrande

Alessio Corti

Thomas Eckl

Sara Angela Filippini

Giulia Gugiatti

Johannes Hofscheier

Elana Kalashnikov

Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros

Alex Küronya

Catriona Maclean

Fatemeh Mohammadi

Leonid Monin

Andrea Petracci

Eleonora Romano

Stefano Urbinati


The registration deadline has expired. If you wish to attend the workshop online, contact the organisers.

Information COVID-19


Liana Heuberger (Angers), Elisa Postinghel (Trento), Luis Solá Conde (Trento)

Contact us at: eduardo.solaconde@unitn.it

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