myFRAM is freely available (myFRAM 1.0.3, April 2019).

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myFRAM is an open tool - released freely by Sapienza "Industrial Systems Engineering" research group - to support the applicability of the FRAM (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) for socio-technical system analysis, in line with the principles of Resilience Engineering.

myFRAM research project has been coordinated by Riccardo Patriarca, supported by Francesco Costantino and Giulio Di Gravio.

myFRAM has been officially released during the 12th FRAMily meeting and workshop - Cardiff (11-13 June 2018). Our conference paper describing myFRAM is available in IEEE Library, and in ResearchGate.

Several students contributed to early versions of myFRAM: Lorenzo Bocca (MSc); Andrea Salvatore Colucci (MSc); Valerio Cozzone (BSc); Andrea Falegnami (PhD stud); Francesco Neri (MSc); Isabelle Pietroletti (MSc); Flavio Princiotta (BSc).

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