Available Theses

Bachelor's Theses

Sono disponibili dissertazioni triennali sui seguenti argomenti:

  • Beam Propagation Method applicato alla propagazione di luce laser.

  • Propagazione di impulsi di luce laser tramite l'Equazione di Schrödinger non lineare.

  • Approccio Diagrammatico allo scattering Raman.

  • Spettroscopia Ultraveloce Tramite Assorbimento Transiente.

  • Spettroscopia Raman Risolta in Tempo.

  • Effetto Raman Stimolato mediante impulsi laser al Femtosecondo.

  • Laser Cooling e Intrappolamento Magneto-Ottico.

  • Diffrazione della luce in regime di Fresnel.

  • Spetroscopia Multi-Dimensionale.

  • Effetto Raman Coerente per Esperimenti di Microscopia.

  • Raman Time-Domain vs Frequency-Domain.

Questa lista non è esaustiva: è possibile proporre ulteriori argomenti, sulla base dei propri interessi personali. Per maggiori informazioni contattare i docenti.

Master's Theses


Ultrafast photo-physics and photo-chemistry

  • Femto and pico-seconds 'pump&probe' experiments

  • Analysis of Raman spectra in non-equilibrium conditions (structural dynamics, intra and inter-molecular energetic redistributioms, electronic reconfigurations).

  • Investigation of the ultrafast response in low-dimensional materials (graphene, transition metals dicalchogenides and their heterostructures)

  • Study of structural rearrangements in chemical reactions upon photo-excitation

  • Assignment of experimentally measured Raman modes to the relative electronic configurations

  • Computation of nonlinear responsed for coherent Raman processes


Nonlinear imaging

  • Imaging and chemical characterization of senile plaques in the nerve tissue with Alzheimer's disease via nonlinear Raman spectroscopic techniques

  • Imaging and Raman charactherization of graphene and transition metals dichalcogenides heterostructures through nonlinear Raman spectroscopic techniques. By using 1-6 ps pulsed laser sources, we are able to unveil the interaction effects on ps time scale.

  • Real time CARS (Coherent Anti Stokes Raman scattering)

Imaging of the lipids' methabolic processes in hepatocytes treated with syntetic inhibitors in order to develop new therapeutic strategies for liver diseases.

MT_Artificial Intelligence for non-linear spectroscopy.pdf

Artificial Intelligence for nonlinear spectroscopy

The aim of this combined experimental-theoretical thesis is to develop a Neural Network able to isolate the genuine coherent Raman signal from all the spurious non-linear background contributions, which distort the Raman lineshapes.

The algorithms will be tested on proper training sets, generated from the computation of nonlinear Raman responses for model systems. As a benchmark for the validation of the newly developed protocols real-systems' experimental data will be used.