Student Council

Principal Of School: Ms. McEntee

Supported by: Ms. Yoshioka and Mr. Sinclair

Order Left to Right: Kelley, Kate, Sahngwie, and Blake

Upcoming Events


Healthy Heart Week

Monday, February 13th - Red tops (shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts)

Tuesday, February 14th - Red bottoms (pants, skirts, leggings, sweatpants, tights)

Wednesday, February 15th - Red shoes and/or socks

Thursday, February 16th - Red hats, bows, headbands, hair

Friday, February 17th - Red from head-to-toe

On Wednesday, February 15th and Thursday, February 16th, Student Council will be selling red bracelets, pens, pencils, bouncy balls, and necklaces for $1.00. These items will be on sale at lunch recess in front of the media center. All money raised will be donated to the American Heart Association.


  • Food Drive

Mon Dec 5 -Macaroni Monday

Tue Dec 6 - Tuna Tuesday

Wed Dec 7 - Whatever Wednesday

Thur Dec 8 - Meals in a Can Thursday

Fri Dec 9 - Fruit Friday

Remember, these are only suggested items that you can bring. You can bring anything on any day. Things in glass containers are not allowed.