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Parent Homework Assignment

Please tell me about your child - a brief biography that summarizes their life. I would like to learn about your child's strengths and weaknesses, abilities and expectations, and what you'd like me to remember when I am in the classroom with him/her. It is a privilege for me to be in the classroom with your student and I want to ensure that I have an understanding of your child. You can email the letter to me or turn it in through your student.

Suggested Classroom Supply List - If you cannot provide these materials, I will be glad to do so for you. Please come see after class.

Parent Information Form

I am thrilled to be your 6th grader's math teacher and look forward to getting to know your child this year.

My Daily Schedule:

Period 1 - Math 6 Period 2 - Math 6+

Period 3 - Math 6+ Period 4 - Math 6+

Period 5 - Math6

You can reach me at nemanir@unionsd.org with any questions.

Daily Schedule - Check out our day, every day!

Daily Schedule - Nemani

My Information:

Email - nemanir@unionsd.org

Classroom - classroom.google.com - Your student has the classroom code.

Website: bit.ly/nemanimath