US History

Growth and Conflict

Mrs. Standridge -

Dartmouth Middle School

Barracuda Team

Welcome to 8th Grade US History!

Our goals this year are to develop the skills of historians to analyze the past and the world around us. We will begin the year with a review of the basics of history as a discipline.

Links to daily materials will go live at 9am on that morning.

All student work is assigned and collected in Google Classroom.

Parents— Click the links below to view the Planner and Slidebook materials for each week. Click on the Gazette tab to get a weekly update on your child's history class.

Powerschool Assignments

Week 1 Slidebook: scores in Powerschool

Week 2 Slidebook: scores in Powerschool

Week 3 Slidebook: scores in Powerschool

Week 4 Slidebook due 9/9

Week 5 Slidebook due 9/16

Week 3 and 4 "Check in" Assessment on 9/9