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DEFINITELY check out the Troubleshooting/FAQs and Resources pages for more.


QUICK TIP #1: Power down your ActivPanels on Friday afternoon rather than leaving them in a continuous sleep cycle. Like any other computer or tablet, when left running continuously, the ActivPanel will slow down and manifest other errors. The panel needs to shut down periodically to function at peak efficiency.

QUICK TIP #2: To clean your ActivPanel, use a cotton or microfiber cloth - something that is nonabrasive. The dry cloth should be sufficient to remove fingerprints. To clean/disinfect, use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Spray the alcohol on the cloth then wipe the panel. DO NOT spray any solvent directly onto the ActivPanel. 

QUICK TIP #3: If you use Google Slides or any other web-based software, try accessing through the web browser, Chromium on the panel (Home input). This way you can take advantage of the split screen (showing your slide deck on one side, while taking notes/filling in a graphic organizer on the other side). This will make your desktop available to take attendance, enter grades, or anything else you may be working on without disrupting the lesson or having the students see.

QUICK TIP #4: If multiple people use the ActivPanel in a room, consider setting up different user names on the panel. This will help keep your work organized and ensure someone does not accidentally erase something you want to save.

QUICK TIP #5: Go to to find ready-made ActivInspire flipcharts. You can filter your search by grade, subject, language, etc. or type in the topic you are covering. You will be asked to set up a FREE account on the site if you wish to explore and/or download any flipchart for your use. Once downloaded, you can edit to fit your needs.


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Email me (Kevin) for support with any issues related to your Promethean ActivPanel or to learn more about how your ActivPanel can be used to engage your students.