Unicam Smart MObility Lab

What is SMoL?

Unicam SMoL (Smart Mobility Lab) is a research group focused on understanding the complex world of Smart Mobility.

Our mission is to implement computational models that make use of Machine Learning (ML) techniques in order to represent critical aspects of the Smart City, with more focus on urban mobility. This allows us to provide public and private stakeholders with scientifically-grounded software capable of supporting their work when it comes to make delicate decisions.

We are currently working on SmartHub, an agent-based simulation framework for validating smart mobility solutions.

SmartHub is an agent-based simulation framework allowing users to assess the impacts, in terms of people adoption and system performance, of introducing a smart mobility initiative (i.e. a range of either homogeneous and heterogeneous smart mobility solutions) within an urban area of interest.

SmartHub is the first example of Smart Urban Planning, synonym of consequence-aware, scientifically-backed urban planning by means of computational simulations, enabling users to easily perform experiments so as to understand the expected results of their initiatives. By doing so, we can imagine how such methodology could enhance the quality of urban decisions like engineers do with Computer-Aided Design (CAE) platforms. In effect, Smart Urban Planning should provide a collection of Decision Support System (DSS) solutions that fit with the Smart City philosophy; even citizens might be able to investigate and suggest reasonable improvements regarding all the aspects of the Smart City they belong to.

For more info about SmartHub please visit this website or contact us at smol-team@unicam.it

The SMoL Team

Andrea Polini

University of Camerino, Associate Professor

email: andrea.polini@unicam.it


Francesco De Angelis

University of Camerino, Researcher

email: francesco.deangelis@unicam.it


from left to right...

Carlo Castagnari

MSc in Computer Science - University of Camerino, Reykjavik University

email: carlo.castagnari@studenti.unicam.it

Giorgio Forcina

MSc in Computer Science - University of Camerino, Reykjavik University

email: giorgio.forcina@studenti.unicam.it

Jacopo de Berardinis

MSc in Computer Science - University of Camerino, Reykjavik University

email: jacopo.deberardinis@studenti.unicam.it

Keep in touch with SMoL

Come visit us: Polo Informatica, Via Madonna delle Carceri, Camerino, MC, (Italy)