CCI SmartHome Lab

About the lab

The CCI SmartHome Lab is for UNCC students and faculty who intend to conduct research in an exciting new space. This is facilitated with the hardware and software in the lab that emulates a "smart home" environment. A variety of research topics can be pursued with the resources the IoT lab provides; this ranges from hardware security to usability studies for IoT devices.

The lab is split up into two sections. It contains a traditional lab environment that holds workstations and space for collaboration. The rest of the lab has been configured to represent a real, functioning living room in a typical smart home. This area contains many of the WiFi-connected devices that have become commonplace in households.


Dr. Meera Sridhar

Dr. Meera Sridhar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Software and Information Systems at UNC Charlotte. Her research interests span language-based and systems security, formal methods, and their application to web, mobile and Internet-of-Things security. Her research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr. Sridhar is a member of ACM, ACM-W and WiCyS.

Dr. Weichao Wang

The research interests of Dr. Weichao Wang are in designing protocols and mechanisms to secure pervasive systems, wireless networks, cloud computing environments, and critical infrastructures. The investigation focuses on integrating multi-disciplinary schemes with network techniques to prevent and detect various attacks and to enforce security and privacy in such environments. He is also very interested in security education for both students and working professionals. His research is supported by NSF, the Department of Labor, Duke Energy, and UNC Charlotte.

Lab Manager

Seth Schallau

For assistance with scheduling events or time in the lab, contact