2022 Graduate Research Symposium

Congratulations to our winners!


Oral Presentation, 1st Place Nina Bailey

Oral Presentation, 2nd Place Taniqua Canzater

Poster Presentation, Best Taniqua Canzater


Oral Presentation, 1st Place Akintonde Abbas

Oral Presentation, 2nd Place Emmanuel Adeyanju

Oral Presentation, 3rd Place Roshanak Ashrafi

Poster Presentation, 1st Place Emmanuel Adeyanju

Poster Presentation, 2nd Place Adeola Sorinolu

Poster Presentation, 3rd Place Mohannad Khalid

Arts & Architecture

Oral Presentation, Best Ketki Prashant Bapat

Health & Human Services

Oral Presentation, Best Jessica Hoyle

Computing & Informatics

Oral Presentation, 1st Place Aileen Benedict

Oral Presentation, 2nd Place Jeba Rezwana

Oral Presentation, 3rd Place Archit Parnami

Poster Presentation, 1st Place Trevon Williams

Poster Presentation, 2nd Place Aileen Benedict


Oral Presentation, 1st Place Andrew Dunphy

Oral Presentation, 1st Place Mukulika Bose

Oral Presentation, 2nd Place Siddhi Paranjape

Oral Presenation, 2nd Place Varsha Godakhindi

Oral Presentation, 3rd Place Sophie Sipprell

Poster Presentation, 1st Place Abhishek Shibu

Poster Presentation, 2nd Place Andrew Dunphy

Poster Presentation, 3rd Place Kelli Hutcheson

Schedule of Events

9:30-10a Judges' Registration, Orientation & Breakfast (Rm 267)

9:30-10a Participant Registration (Registration Table)

10:15-11:30a Breakout sessions/Poster judging (Rms 261-266, 340 G-I)

11:30-11:45a Break (refreshments in Rm 200)

11:50-12:30p Breakout sessions/Poster judging cont. (Rms 261-266, 340 G-I)

12:30-1:00p Lunch (Rm 340)

1:00-1:30p Reception/Networking (Rm 340 A-F)

1:30-3:00p Awards Reception (Rm 340 A-F)

At the end of the day, please take a few minutes to fill out the feedback survey.

Welcome to the event!

The Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) is delighted to welcome you to the 22nd annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS), taking place at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We know that the last few years have been a challenge for everyone, and so we aim to make this conference an interdisciplinary, inclusive, and diverse space where your scholarship is free to be explored and presented!

There will be opportunities for networking as well as chances to showcase your research to colleagues and professionals in your field. We will be providing food and drinks in more open areas of the Student Union and the Library to ensure the safety of all attendees. We hope you have a wonderful and educational time at the 22nd annual GRS.


GPSG & GRS Committees

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