3D Printing at the University Imaging Centers.

Here you will find information about submitting projects for printing, details about our printers, and resources for additional information on 3D printing and creating models.

Getting Started:

If you have a project in mind, design ready to print, or would like a quote please contact Alex Cramer at crame051@umn.edu.

UMN Rates:

  • MarkForge II (Nylon + Fiber): $15.00 / Hour of Print Time
  • MarkForge Onyx One (Onyx): $10.00 / Hour of Print Time
  • MakerBot (PLA): $5.00 / Hour of Print Time
  • Design Assistance: $45.00 / Hour
  • External Rates: Please contact Alex Cramer.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

UIC & UMII - Partnering Imaging and Informatics.

The University Imaging Centers also offers assistance in modeling your design. In partnership with the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute we have the expertise to reconstruct your data into 3D models from many forms of imaging data including MR, and CT.

3D printing gives the opportunity to explore custom solutions to unique problems in a fast and affordable way.

Whether your designing a presentation model, or custom experiment apparatus, 3D printing is a powerful tool for researchers looking to get the most out of their experiments.