Teaching with Writing (TWW) Fall 2018 Series

The annual Teaching with Writing series combines discussions, faculty panels, and workshops focused on all aspects of teaching with writing at the University of Minnesota. All events are free, but pre­-registration is required.

As learning technologies continue to evolve in higher education, writing becomes even more crucial in teaching and learning in our disciplines. The Teaching with Writing program supports and sustains all teachers from across the campus through timely and relevant consultations, discussions, and workshops. In addition, our online resources provide examples of and approaches to course design, writing assignments, and other teaching activities that will help you integrate writing in your classes.

We offer discussions on writing and writing instruction in three ways: Workshops (interactive sessions in which participants develop instructional practices and/or materials appropriate to their specific teaching contexts); Panel discussions (lunch-time discussions in which faculty members from diverse disciplines discuss specific and innovative writing instruction practices they've developed); and Discussions with readings (Engaging Controversies and Threshold Concepts).

For 2018—2019, the Writing Across the Curriculum Team is emphasizing the relationship between threshold concepts and writing. Developed initially by Meyer and Land (2003, 2005) and based in more than a decade of research, these troublesome disciplinary concepts can help students begin to cross the threshold from interested novice to participant in disciplinary discourse. For fall, we will look at threshold concepts about writing based on the disciplinary vocabulary of rhetoric, composition, and writing studies. Instructors in all disciplines are invited to attend to consider their own beliefs about writing and unearth aspects of troublesome, transformative concepts in their own disciplinary contexts.

For 2018—2019, the Writing Across the Curriculum Team is developing Book Circles for faculty, staff, and graduate students. Participants will meet once a month to read and discuss important, innovative research and teaching with writing. Circle participants will determine dates and times for discussions and will likely meet over the lunch hour.

Please visit our website for more information: writing.umn.edu/tww

Contact the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) team with any questions.

wac@umn.edu 612.625.0791