TADA Project

Training and resources

A new APAS is launching July 1. Changes to the system are mostly limited to the look and feel of APAS reports. You'll notice a cleaner look with a white background and black text. There are also some minor changes to navigation and the steps to run a report.

Because the changes are relatively small for running and viewing APAS reports, training is not be required to maintain view-access to APAS reports. You can learn about the changes using the available job aids and attending a demonstration or participating in APAS preview days.

Job aids for essential functionality

Essential functionality

Resources to provide to students

You can provide these aids to students as-is or you can make a copy to include information specific to your program(s). Guides for students on how to complete tasks in APAS will be available on your campus's One Stop website at launch.


Demonstrations to go over basic functionality are planned on each campus.

APAS preview days

Get hands-on experience of the updated system in a test environment ahead of the July 1 launch.

Required training for exceptions access

There are new ways to enter exceptions in the updated APAS. Because changes to this process are significant, you are required to complete training to maintain exceptions access.

When you successfully complete the training, it will be added to your training record, which we will use to grant you exceptions access in the new system.

If you do not complete the training by June 28, you will be required to complete the ARF process to regain exceptions access.