Aerial Platforms


Multi-robot systems capable of tracking tagged animals at a maximum speed of 17 m/s.

Capabilities: multi-uav communication and coordination, coverage and search algorithms.

UAV GPS-free auto nav tight orchard.mp4

Autonomous aerial platforms are capable of navigating in tight orchard rows without using GPS at maximum speed of 2 m/s.

Capabilities : vision-based obstacle avoidance, complete yield coverage

UAV Autonomous navigation 3D occupancy map.mp4

Inside the tree rows the robot needs to "sees" the tree branches and leaves and avoid them.

A front-facing stereo camera provides visual feedback which enables detection of any obstacles the robot "sees".

Fully autonomous UAV vision-based GPS-free Orchard coverage Pulse.mp4

While the robot navigates safely inside the tree rows it can cover the surface of the trees and collect yield data.

A side-looking monocular camera collects yield data that can be analyzed to provide farmers with useful statistics like total yield count.

Our system is able to avoid various obstacles.

Capabilities: Vision-based obstacle avoidance