Robotic Sensor Networks Lab

Welcome to the Robotic Sensor Networks Lab! These pages highlight our research in robotics and sensing in agriculture and environmental monitoring. For additional information, you can visit our lab wiki or contact Volkan Isler.

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

UAV GPS-free auto nav tight orchard (2).mp4

We have developed autonomous aerial platforms capable of navigating in tight orchard rows and multi-robot systems capable of tracking tagged animals. Capabilities: vision-based obstacle avoidance, multi-uav communication and coordination, coverage and search algorithms.

[UAV Research]

[Network Formation]

Semantic Mapping of Orchards

We have been working on image based yield mapping to map the count, diameter and other features of apples in orchards.

[Yield Mapping]

Apple Detection Video.mp4

In addition to fruit related aspects, our lab has developed tools and algorithms to extract information related to plant morphology such as tree volume and trunk diameter.

[Plant morphology]

Row Crop Monitoring

Similar to our work on orchards and specialty fruit, we have also developed computer vision algorithms to reconstruct fields and extract semantic information such as locations of rows, and plant height variation along the row.

[Row Crop Monitoring]

Habitat Monitoring

We developed networks of autonomous boats and aerial vehicles capable of finding tagged animals (fish, bears, moose etc.) and localizing them.

[Habitat Monitoring]

We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture and Minnesota MnDrive Initiative.