Minnesota Cooperative Conflict Collaborative

The Minnesota Cooperative Conflict Collaborative (#mn3C) is an inclusive vision of conflict professionals of all cultures, orientations, colors (Black, Brown, and White) working towards more robust problem-solving approaches while dismantling power-imbalances. 

Our Mission

We co-labor to break down conscious and unconscious manifestations of racism in our communities and co-construct new visions that foster a deeper unity for all. 

We focus on transforming our communities’ approaches to conflict through local and grassroots conversations, partnerships, and 

knowledge exchanges.

Jazz Sessions

Weekly (every Thursday) community conversations where our mn3C participants come together to wrestle with ideas and observations. as we create the better present we all want. We commit to deifying no one, and demonizing no one. So, come when you can! Leave when you must!!
Join us on Zoom at 12:40PM/12:40hrs, CST. 

The S.E.A.S. Project

A group of four women (Sabrina, Elizabeth, Adepeju, and Stephanie) that come together to discuss and provide workshops on race, religion, and culture. Most recently, they facilitated an interactive workshop entitled “Practicing the WE in ‘We the People’” focused on listening at the Overcoming Racism Conference in November 2020.

Conflict De-Escalators Group

A group of Twin Cities conflict practitioners ready to provide specialized, professional support to de-escalate community conflicts in these times of distress. Practitioners are trained to provide real-time conflict resolution strategies that are based in respect and restorative practices. Learn more here


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#PausingToResume Our Monthly Jazz Sessions


Become contributing members towards a perpetual and sustainable knowledge exchange that transforms our communities' approach to problem-solving and breaking down conscious and unconscious manifestations of racism. 

Questions? Want to collaborate? 

Want mn3C services for your community or organization?

Great! Contact us or Connect with us on our LinkedIn page—that’s where we post updates and events!