On apprend avec TikTok* ! 

A database of interactive short form media for your French courses!


* In this database, we regroup video clips mainly from the TikTok platform, but also from Instagram Reels. We are targeting the genre of media that was originally created in TikTok--interactive short form video--not a social media platform in particular.  

Mission of the project

Following research articulating the benefits of integrating social media activities in language learning classrooms, our team undertook a project to create an openly accessible database of dynamic media resources in French from TikTok and Instagram. We searched both platforms for authentic video-based media and organized relevant clips into a thematic database in line with topics covered in beginning courses. Clips were selected based on their authenticity and ability to increase learners’ cultural and sociolinguistic awareness of diversity within the francophone world. 

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Dalola, A., & Dupuis, C. (2023, August 27). On apprend avec TikTok: A database of interactive short form media for your French courses. OER Commons. Retrieved Month, Date, Year, from https://z.umn.edu/onapprendavectiktok.