Mapping, Society, and Technology

Open textbook

Mapping, Society, and Technology is a free and open text on reading, using, and creating maps. It also explores how maps reflect the relationship between society and technology. Mapping is an essential form of scientific and artistic inquiry as well as a trillion dollar business. People, companies, and governments use and misuse maps and map technology to tell stories, save lives, rig elections, and spy on you.

Companion material

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Labs are short self guided tours of hands-on mapping.

  • Mapping data

  • Scale and projection

  • Symbolization and simplification

  • Analysis

  • Lying with maps

  • Mapping project

Activities are short explorations of mapping topics.

  • Geospatial revolution

  • Data scenarios

  • Scale and projection

  • Simplification

  • Maps in the wild

  • Gerrymandering

  • Surveillance scenarios

  • Social maps