ME Connect Seminar Series

Spring 2021

upcoming seminar

Hongyuan Zhang

Computational Diagnostics for Reacting Flows with Global Pathway Analysis Aided by Chemical Explosive Mode Analysis

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Krishna Chandra Bavandla

Comparison between Flat and Creviced Pistons in a Controlled Trajectory Rapid Compression and Expansion Machine (CT-RCEM)

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When: 1PM CDT Apr 16th, 2021

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past Seminar

Amey Joshi

Andrew Alegria

Automated Microinjection System

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Daehyun Kim

Analysis of Cervical Lymphatic Vessels from glymphatic drainage

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This is a Mechanical Engineering graduate student and postdoc seminar run by students for students! Our goal with the seminar series is to increase the connections within our department by providing graduate students and postdocs a platform to:

  • Share research

  • Learn about department and university resources, capabilities, and areas of expertise

  • Practice presentations for conferences, thesis defenses, interviews, etc.

  • Build resumes

  • Get to know each other

To submit an abstract, follow this link ( )

Location & Time

Virtual via Zoom

Fridays at 1pm, Jan 29th - Apr 30th, 2021

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