Monday, October 3, 2022
12 - 3 p.m.

University of Minnesota
Coffman Memorial Union, Great Hall

Connect with admissions professionals from 30+ law schools from across the country.

Get your questions answered about the schools, the application process, and life as a law student. Open to anyone in the community to attend.

Open to anyone to attend. Advance registration encouraged.

Monday, October 3, 2022

12:00 - 3:00 PM

Open & Free to Everyone

Anyone interested in exploring law schools is welcome.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Coffman Memorial Union, Great Hall
300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Law Schools in Attendance

List will be added 2 weeks prior to the event.

Information for Exhibitors

Find registration, information, and details just for the Law School Exhibitors at the fair.

How to Prepare for the Fair

Suggested Questions for Attendees

When speaking with law school representatives, consider asking some of the questions below. They’re designed to help you evaluate the academic programs at each school you’re interested in attending, and to help you determine your best fit for law school.

Campus and Community Environment

  • What is special about the character and ambiance of your school?

  • How would you describe the student interaction at your school?

  • What do students like most about your school? Least?

  • Describe the physical location of the school (big city, small town).

  • Describe the on- and off-campus housing opportunities for students.

  • What opportunities are available for prospective or admitted students to visit your campus?

The Admissions Process

  • How does your law school review applications?

  • What do you look for in a personal statement?

  • Does your school accept addenda such as optional essays or diversity or grade-explanation statements? How do I submit these documents?

  • What kinds of recommendations are most helpful? Do you require use of LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation Service?

  • Is there an advantage in applying early?

  • Does your school have “early action” or “early decision”?

  • How important is it for students to have a law-related internship or job before law school?


  • How would you describe faculty-student relationships at your school?

  • What type of academic support does your institution provide to students? Is it open to all students or only to students who are in academic jeopardy?

  • What clinical opportunities are offered at your school?

  • Do you offer law school study-abroad programs and, if so, in what countries?

  • Describe areas of specialization in your course offerings. What joint-degree programs are offered? Please describe the application process.

  • How are students selected for law journals or law review?


  • What does diversity mean at your law school?

  • What part should my diverse background play in my personal statement? And, if your law school has an optional diversity statement, how do I highlight my diversity?

  • What is the law school experience like for diverse students?

  • What should I know about writing a diversity statement versus a personal statement?

  • Does your law school have active student organizations that support diverse students?

  • What is the diversity of your law school’s faculty members?

  • Does your law school offer any courses primarily focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender legal issues?

  • Does diversity include life experience, special talents, skills, and other factors?

  • How does diversity translate into your classrooms?

  • I’m an older student — am I a “diverse” or “nontraditional” student? What is the average age of first-year law students? How does your law school offer support, or community, for “nontraditional” students?

  • If I need accommodations, how should I approach your law school for assistance and support?

Costs/Financial Aid

  • Do you offer merit or need-based scholarships or grants? If so, what criteria do you use?

  • Is the continuation of a merit scholarship contingent upon academic performance in law school? What is the required median GPA?

  • What is the estimated cost of attendance at your school and do you anticipate a tuition increase?

  • Do you have a loan repayment assistance program for graduates who go into public interest law?

  • What are the criteria and procedures for obtaining state residency status while in law school (state-supported schools)?

Employment of Graduates

  • What percentage of graduating students find full-time, long-term employment where a JD/bar passage is either required or preferred? What kinds of jobs do your graduates take after law school?

  • What are the bar passage rates in the state(s) in which most of your graduates take the bar exam?

  • What career services are offered to students and graduates? How many students find summer or part-time employment through your law school?

  • What percentage of graduates practice in the region around your school?

  • How do you help students and graduates find jobs outside the region?

Explore Pre-Law Advising Resources at the U of M

Learn more about pre-law services for current students and alumni from the University of Minnesota.

If you did not attend the U of M, contact your undergraduate institution's pre-law advising office for information about pre-law services. More information on preparing for law school can be found at

What to Wear

Wear what makes you feel confident and ready to engage with law school reps. The best advice is to wear comfortable shoes, as there will be a lot of walking and standing.

Getting There and Parking

Learn more about directions and nearby parking locations. Coffman is also accessible via public transit and is located near the light rail and many bus lines.

Have More Questions?

Email the University of Minnesota's Pre-Law Advising office at with any further questions about this event.

Note on COVID-19

We are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and may make changes to the fair format, masking, and/or distancing requirements. Masks are encouraged for all attendees and exhibitors inside Coffman Memorial Union. If you are feeling sick, please stay home.