Safety Moments

What are Safety Moments?

Safety moments are a longstanding tradition in the CHEM and CEMS departments. They are short one slide presentations that precedes seminars, to be given either by the speaker or their host. Safety moments act as reminders of important safety information and can take many forms. They can be

  • An anecdote from the presenter’s personal experience

  • A hazard warning relevant to the presenter’s research

  • Recently published safety article

  • Any other relevant safety information the presenter deems worthy of sharing.

There have even been safety moments in the past that dealt with how to use defoliators or using ergonomic chairs for computational chemists. The only limit is the presenter’s own creativity. We are proud of this tradition because it highlights just how prevalent the safety culture has become in our departments. We also encourage each group to incorporate safety moments into their own group meetings!

Safety Moment Template.pptx

JST Safety Moment Template

If you have any safety moments to share, please email them to us at!

DEI Moments

Apart from Safety Moments, the JST also encourages the use of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) moments at the start of seminars. These moments aim to share information or reflection moments about topics centered around social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. By normalizing these moments at the beginning of meetings the department can build and strengthen a culture of inclusion, respect, and awareness. More information about DEI moments, as well as templates and pre-made DEI moments can be found here. Please visit the SJLS website for more information!