Personal Statement Consultations 

for UMN International Students

Are you an undergraduate international student (F-1 or J-1 visa) at UMN Twin Cities preparing an application for a graduate or professional school program? 

The Personal Statement is an important part of the application process! 

Our consultants are current international graduate students. They can answer your questions about graduate/professional school, and share their experiences as international graduate students. They will work with you to locate meaningful life experiences and turn them to a compelling story about yourself in clear, concise words that flow.

Email Jane at if you have any questions about Personal Statement Consultations. 

All current UMN international undergraduate students are welcome to participate in Personal Statement Consultations.

Our ability to have Graduate Personal Statement Consultants is thanks to the UMN Graduate School and Career Services. We also thank the UMN ISSS Culture Corps Program for their support.

Personal Statement Consultation Live Schedule:

The Personal Statement Program is open the week of November 27th through January 12th.

Please complete the form here to sign up with your meeting preference and attach a draft of your Personal Statement. We are able to meet with you in any stage of your writing process from idea/brainstorming, to nearly complete, and anywhere in-between!

Email Jane at with questions about the schedule.

Meet our consultants: 


As a writing consultant, Sunga is committed to establishing a safe and supportive environment that ensures writers can express themselves authentically. Specifically, she is interested in helping international undergraduate writers demonstrate their passion and creativity in their statements. Sunga believes writing is an iterative process and that iteration helps us become better writer 


Tina Jeon is a PhD student in the Learning Technologies program. Being an international student from Korea, and studying / working in the US, she is excited to share her experience of graduate school applications as well as learn from advisee throughout the process. 


I'm Anita Feng, a Chinese international student at the University of Minnesota, diving into my second year of grad school while pursuing an M.A. in Higher Education. Currently, I work as a Graduate Consultant with the ISSS Culture Corps team while also juggling tasks as a graduate assistant at the Graduate Admissions Office.

I totally understand the stress and nerves that come with crafting a personal statement. When I was applying for graduate school, having someone take a peek at my writing was a game-changer. I visited the Personal Statement Consultant back then, seeking suggestions, and I bugged my friends for feedback endlessly. Trust me, having a fresh pair of eyes and different perspectives can make your writing sparkle. I know it takes guts to share something personal—your thoughts, feelings, and perhaps some vulnerable parts of yourself—with a stranger like me, so I truly appreciate your trust and courage! I'm here to help and support you in any way I can :)