Featured Resource: MHAPO

Posted Sep 27, 2019

MHAPO is an application hosted by the University of Minnesota’s Libraries that provides access to over 121,000 digital copies of Minnesota air photos. The photos come from both the University of Minnesota’s John R. Borchert Library collection and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource’s Landview application. Users can find photos by selecting a point along a flight path that links to a downloadable image. The earliest photos in the collection are from the 1920s and it spans forward to the 1990s.

MHAPO was first built in 2008, and now receives over 1000 visitors per week. This user-friendly application won the Minnesota Governor's Geospatial Commendation Award in 2018, which honors organizations that exemplify a commitment to "coordinated, affordable, reliable and effective" use of GIS to improve services within Minnesota.