New records from Washington, D.C. and Scott County, MN; Geospatial Metadata Workshop materials

Posted Jun 6, 2017

New records

Washington, D.C.

During May 2017, 805 new GIS records from Washington, D.C.’s Open Data Portal were added to our geoportal. Washington, D.C. has published an extensive collection of geospatial datasets with several interesting categories of datasets, including ongoing public services (abandoned vehicles, dead animal pickup), cultural analyses (artist density, memorials), and over 200 records related to Vision Zero, the city’s plan to eliminate traffic fatalities.

Scott County, Minnesota

Open data for Minnesota counties continues to expand, and this month we added 28 records from Scott County.

Geospatial Metadata Workshop

The month of May also brought the beginning of our metadata outreach efforts in the form of a 3 hour session presented at the Minnesota GIS/LIS Spring Workshops. Karen Majewicz and Melinda Kernik led the workshop, which covered the importance of metadata, standards and tools, techniques for batch generating technical and administrative elements, and a discussion of what makes good descriptive metadata. View and download the workshop materials here.