The Aldrich Lab

Aldrich Lab Group Photo - Sept 2016 (Slightly Altered)

Welcome to the website of the Aldrich Group. We are located on the 8th floor of Weaver-Densford Hall in UMN’s College of Pharmacy and have recently commandeered more lab space on the 3rd floor of the new Mircrobiology Resereach Facility. Our lab focuses on the synthesis and evaluation of new small molecules for the treatment and study of M. tuberculosis. Our lab does almost everything from making molecules to testing in mouse models.

Latest News

March 2017: We have switched over to a new site layout, still trying to figure out how things work but it looks better already!

February 2017: Let's welcome Scott Brody to the lab! He will be taking on the pan PLP dependent enzyme project.

August 2016: We are currently in the process of updating many parts of this website. Stay tuned for more details

February 2016: Two new members are joining the roster for the Aldrich lab, let's welcome Malcolm Cole and John Schultz.

January 2015: 1st year Medicinal Chemistry graduate student Evan Alexander who will begin working on a high throughut screen for FadD32. Welcome Evan!

January 2015: Undergraduate student Mitch Fuller joined the lab this month. Welcome Mitch!

January 2015: ACS Infectious Diseases is live!

December 2014: We'd like to welcome 1st year graduate students Kellan and Caitlin for their 6-week rotation with the group. Welcome Kellan and Caitlin!

October 2014: We'd like to welcome 1st year graduate students Evan and Guan for their 6-week rotation with the group. Welcome Evan and Guan!

August 2014: Dr. Aldrich was named inaugural editor-in-chief of the new ACS journal ACS Infectious Diseases. The new journal will present new finidings towards the study and treatments for bacterial, viral, and protozoan pathogens.