Client Opportunities

Offering organizations from all sectors opportunities to benefit from students' developing skill sets through client-based courses and programs

**Please note: Our recruitment cycle has ended for the 2019-2020 school year. We will resume recruitment in June 2020 for courses starting in the fall semester. Please feel free to submit a project idea at any time to be considered for the next academic year.**

On April 17, 2020, UMSI students presented on their accomplishments throughout the 2019-20 academic year at the first ever virtual student exposition. The projects are still available online for viewing at

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Client-Based Courses

Select UMSI courses are associated with client-based opportunities. In these courses, students deploy their developing knowledge and skills to address real information challenges in a variety of areas.

Engage students in user research, ux design, ux evaluation, or accessibility, to improve existing digital products and services or move forward with conceptual ideas

Work with students who specialize in library collections and programming, archives, assessment, and community outreach

Improve or repair an important process related to a product, service, or information flow

Create new data sets and build tools to make data useful through analysis and manipulation

Manage digital data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness to science, scholarship, and education

Work with students to build a community profile to help better identify community needs and inform community initiatives and outreach

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UMSI also has several opportunities for organizations to collaborate with students on information challenges outside of our client-based courses.

Connect public sector organizations with the knowledge and abilities of information students through immersive, service-oriented projects over Fall and Spring Break

Design Clinic students work in interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and innovate on fast-paced, self-driven, semester-long projects for real-world clients. Students receive mentorship from professional experts in design, user research, and entrepreneurship.

Partners Michigan communities with rising information professionals to create information tools for 21st century students

About UMSI

The University of Michigan School of Information was chartered in 1996 as a new school within the University with the mission to conduct research in, and to teach about, topics at the intersection of people, information, and technology; its roots trace back to 1926 as a library science department. Our award-winning faculty have training in computer science, library science, business, psychology, economics, education, history, and other fields, and they investigate topics ranging from digitization of archival documents to relationships on social media, from data analysis using machine intelligence to the economics of information. The school comprises about 50 faculty, 50 staff, 60 PhD students, 400 professional master’s degree students and 150 bachelor’s degree students.