MiGene Family History App

The MiGene Family History App is an Android-based data collection application that has been utilized in rural and urban settings in Ethiopia and Ghana. The app is used by healthcare providers and was designed to function in settings without reliable internet access. The MiGene Family History App provides users with a reliable, customizable and secure data collection instrument.

MiGene Family History App Features

Data Collection

  • Customizable questions

  • Data collection does not require internet access

  • Able to collect identifying information including pictures (if approved by local IRBs)

Data Security

  • Entered data only accessible via secure, password-protected Michigan Medicine servers

  • In case of lost or stolen phone/tablet, data not accessible from the app

Family History

  • Able to collect a 3-generation pedigree covering any condition(s) of interest

  • Pedigree able to be exported following data uploading

  • Following data entry the app can output genetic counseling or other recommendations tailored to entered data

Intuitive Interface

  • User training on all app features takes less than one hour

  • Data entry takes on average 5-10 minutes per study participant

  • Has been used by nurses, medical students and attending physicians in various practice settings