Sterilization and Social Justice Lab

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The Sterilization and Social Justice Lab is an interdisciplinary research team interested in the history of sterilization in the United States. Our team includes historians, epidemiologists, and digital humanists across several academic institutions and we explore patterns and experiences of eugenics and sterilization in the 20th century using mixed methods from the social sciences, humanities, and public health. Initially focused on California, our project is expanding to include North Carolina and Iowa. We seek to connect this history to reproductive, disability, and racial justice, and to reflect on the relevance of the past to social justice today.

Past Events and Lectures

Lectures and Presentations

"Latinx Embodiments: Gender, Sexuality, Disability, Immigration, Health, and Reproduction across the Long Twentieth Century," Natalie Lira, Latina/o Studies Association Biennial Conference, Washington, D.C., July 13

Historical Justice for Sterilization Survivors: Redressing Eugenics in California, Alexandra Minna Stern, Stanford University, May 17, 2018

Sociodemographic Patterning of "Consent" and Coercion in California's State Eugenic Sterilization Program, 1936-1952, Nicole L. Novak, Population Association of America, April 27, 2018

California’s Eugenic Legacy: Demographic Analysis of State Eugenics Records, Nicole L. Novak, Genomics and Society: Expanding the ELSI Universe, June 7, 2017

Conferences and Meetings

Sterilization and Social Justice: Past and Present, University of Michigan, March 2017

Upcoming Events