the next generation digital employment and recruitment intervention tools to support job seekers experiencing marginalization in the U.S.

What makes our tools unique?

Inclusive design

We serve all job seekers especially those who are overlooked by mainstream technology and need extra support to access and utilize digital resources.


We applied the theory of planned behavior as a framework and guide for evaluating digital employment applications and used participatory design to develop our tools.

Holistic Preparation

We take into consideration the entire employment preparation period from job selection, skills identification, to resume writing, and providing direct support and feedback.

What are our tools?


Receive reviews of your resume before applying to jobs

Identify which skills from your past jobs will be helpful to showcase for the job you would like to land.

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DreamGigs demo coming soon

Get suggestions for which jobs to apply to develop the skills needed for your "dream" job

We are funded by

This research was supported by the NSF award IIS-1717186.

Our future plans

We have obtained strong pilot data and are looking to pursue funding to continue the development of our tools and to pursue large-scale evaluation, including randomized controlled trials. We would like to understand whether and how our interventions translate to a greater likelihood of getting jobs and at what cost.

We need your support in


We are looking for fundings to continue our research and the tools development.


We welcome developers, designers, and product managers to join us and build the tools together.


We hope to cooperate with employment and recruitment related organizations to use our tools.