Michigan Science Center

On the first Saturday of each month, faculty from Wayne State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences perform  hands-on demonstrations with the public. These demos are utilized to explain current research being conducted at Wayne State in an accessible manner to an audience of varying ages. 

Stargazing @ CalTech

During my time at Caltech, the  Astronomy Department provided a short 30 minute public lecture about different topics within  astronomy once a month. Following the lecture is 90 minutes of guided stargazing through three different telescopes.  People of all ages and backgrounds gather on the field behind Cahill to see planets, the moon, and other astronomical objects in new detail. 


The FEMMES organization at the University of Michigan stands for Women+ Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and the Sciences. The capstone events incorporate hands on demos to engage elementary and middle school aged girls on various topics in the STEM fields. The goal is the encourage confidence to pursue a lifetime of learning in STEM. 

Science Communication Fellow

The Science Communication Fellows program at the University of Michigan is based on the NSF Portal to the Public. Through professional development workshops, I was able to create activities to engage the public of all ages about neutron stars.