A Toolkit for

Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café

The Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café toolkit is an open resource for all senior-serving agencies, local seniors, and community members at the Washtenaw County, MI. Here, we display information, offer supports, and welcome discussions that could improve senior lives at our County.

The Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Meals on Wheels & Senior Café Program is coordinated by the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED). OCED is committed to stepping out of traditional government roles to drive long-term system changes that increase equity and opportunity.

Please feel free to contact Marti Lachapell, the Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café Program Specialist, if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Our Local Sites

Find information about local Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café sites here. Contact the sites directly for services, donation, or becoming a volunteer.

Volunteer Anthem | Meals on Wheels

Check out this video to see how Meals on Wheels has impacted both the volunteers and clients, and contact local MOW sites at Washtenaw County to be a volunteer!


CSSW Senior Resources Directory

Every year, Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County (CSSW) put together this directory, which contains 25 categories of numbers for senior-serving services. Find the category of your need, call the number, and you will receive assistance accordingly.

Washtenaw County Senior Resource Directory

OCED Senior Resources Directory

In addition to CSSW Senior Resources Directory, OCED also put together a spreadsheet with local senior services and their websites/locations. The "Services" section is order by alphabetical order.

NIA Health Information

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is a leading Federal agency that conducts scientific efforts to raise awareness for the nature and ways of healthy aging. This website provides various health information, and find free publication here.

MOW America

Meals on Wheels (MOW) America is the national leadership organization that supports community-based programs, including the Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café Program. Learn more research done by the MOW America here.


The Area Agencies on Aging 1-B (AAA 1-B) a leader and funder in aging services in southeast Michigan, including the Washtenaw County Meals on Wheels & Senior Café Program. Check out who they are and what services they provide here.

Food Safety Handouts

The SeniorCAN program from Las Vegas put together handouts for senior food safety. Check out this folder for the materials.


Senior Medication Management

This is a bi-county guide for senior medication management. Given the prevalence of substance abuse across all ages, it is important to understand medications and preventions for substance abuse. We recommend you to use this tool alongside with the medication form in the Emergency Kit checklist below.

Preparing for Emergency Kits & Checklist

It is highly recommended that seniors prepare a "To-go" and "Stay-at-home" emergency kits in response to emergency situations or unexpected disasters. In addition, it is important to place an emergency checklist in each of the kits. Please see below for a "To-go" kit guide, a "Stay-at-home" kit guide, and Senior Emergency Kit checklist.