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Pediatric Care Coordination Center:

A Demonstration and Table Top Exercise

June 7, 2022, 10:00 am to 2:15 pm EST

The Michigan Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness, in partnership

with the Region V for Kids Pediatric Center of Excellene, invites you to a

virtual pediatric medical operations coordination cell (PMOCC) exercise.

The PMOCC is a new model for emergency management of pediatric

disaster and surge incidents and is based upon the

ASPR TRACIE Medical Operations Coordination Cells Toolkit.

The Pediatric Care Coordination Center (PCCC) is Michigan’s

conceptual version of a PMOCC.

Participants will conduct and validate internal standard operating

procedures of a PMOCC. Observers are asked to comment on the

activation process and evaluate cell operations.

Suggested participants include:

State Department of Health, Preparedness and Public Health Officials

Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Coordinators

Hospital Emergency Managers and Surge Planners

Emergency Preparedness Personnel

State Hospital Association Representatives

The virtual exercise will feature

1) Pediatric Medical Education Presentations

2) A Functional Demonstration of a PMOCC

3) A Table Top Exercise

Register for the exercise at PCCC Exercise Registration (Link)

Deadline for registration is 3 June 2022

Contact the Exercise Planning Team at PMOCCexercise@umich.edu

Exercise Materials

Save the Date

Read the Exercise

Save the Date

Exercise Agenda

View the Exercise Agenda



Read the Exercise Plan



View the Situation Manual


Video Script

View the Video Script


Slide Deck

View the exercise slide deck

Slide Deck

Debrief Waukesha Parade MCI

View the Presentation

Disaster Planning for CYSHCN

View the Presentation

Be Ready Resource Materials

View the Flyer

Pediatric HVA

View the Presentation

Pediatric HVA Article

Read the Article

Legal Implications of Care Across State Line

View the Presentation

Pediatric Mental Health

View the Presentation

After Action Review

View the After Action Report

AAR Pending Publication

Please check back for

additional details on the

Pediatric Care Coordination Center:

A Demonstration and Table Top Exercise.

New information will be posted to this site

as it becomes available

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Pediatric Champion?

Pediatric Champions advocate to increase awareness of pediatric readiness in their facility and promote education of pediatric emergency care. If you are interested in becoming a champion, please see this link for additional information:


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Triage by Resource Allocation for INpatients (TRAIN)

The TRAIN tool is used to help determine the level of transport required for evacuation based on resource utilization. The TRAIN tool can be used to rapidly assess potential patients for discharge when surge capacity is required and to enable expedient resource requests from other agencies.

Cover slide of TRAIN program training presentation

Training Presentation

Learn more about TRAIN with this Training Presentation.

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PCCC Communications Pathway

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Flow chart

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Essential Elements of Information (EEI) Form

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Michigan Pediatric Care Coordination Center

Concept of Operations

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Concept of Operations

PCCC Communications Drill:

Validating the Call for Help

February 8, 2022, 9:00am to 11:00am EST


Read the Drill

Read the Drill

Read the Drill

Read the Drill

See the Drilll

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