Haoyang Guo

I am a postdoc at the MPIM at Bonn, Germany, from 2021 to 2023.

I am interested in algebraic geometry and number theory, especially p-adic geometry and p-adic Hodge theory.

I obtained my PhD in mathematics from the University of Michigan in the spring, 2021, where my advisor was Bhargav Bhatt. Before that, I got my bachelor degree from the University of Science & Technology of China in 2016.

Email: hguo "at" mpim-bonn "dot" mpg "dot" de

Address: Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Vivatsgasse 7,

53111 Bonn, Germany


Preprint (2022), arxiv: 2203.09490.

  • Prismatic cohomology of rigid analytic spaces over de Rham period's ring.

Preprint (2021), arXiv: 2112.14746.

  • Crystalline cohomology of rigid analytic spaces.

Preprint (2020), arXiv: 2112.14304.

  • Period sheaves via derived de Rham cohomology, with Shizhang Li.

Compositio Math, Volume 157, Issue 11, November 2021, pp. 2377 - 2406, published version: link, arXiv: 2008.06143.

  • Hodge-Tate decomposition for non-smooth spaces.

J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS), to appear; published version: link, arXiv: 1909.09917.

Teachings (at University of Michigan)

  • Math 105 (primary instructor): Fall 2017, Winter 2018.

  • Math 115 (primary instructor): Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Fall 2020 (remote), Winter 2021 (remote).

  • Math 216 (lab instructor): Fall 2019; course instructor: Sofia Piltz.

  • Math 498, Representation theory (grader): Winter 2017; instructor: Jessica Fintzen.

  • Math 602, Functional analysis (grader): Fall 2016; instructor: Sijue Wu.

  • Math 676, Algebraic number theory (grader): Fall 2016; instructor: Kartik Prasanna.

Expository Writings

Stacks Project Expository Collection (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series), (2022), link, arXiv: 2112.03834.

  • On nearby cycle and perversity, an expository article on BBDG. Mar 2021. PDF.

  • HH, HKR; THH, and BMS 2, an expository article on (topological) Hochschild homology. May 2020. PDF.

  • Several approaches to Grothendieck duality. Jan 2020. PDF.

  • On the integral Hodge conjecture and integral Tate conjecture 3-folds, from a talk at Michigan. Dec 2019. PDF.

  • There is no abelian schemes over Z. Apr 2019. PDF.

  • Family of elliptic curves, and Serre-Tate theorem, from a talk at Michigan. Jun 2019. PDF.

  • Introduction to the de Jong's Alteration, from a talk at Michigan. Dec 2018. PDF.

  • Riemann-Zariski spaces and Nagata’s compactification, from a talk at Michigan. Oct 2018. PDF.

  • A note on de Jong’s conjecture, from a talk at Michigan. Jun 2018. PDF.

  • A mini-course on crystalline cohomology. Jun 2018. PDF.

  • F-finite modules, from a talk at Michigan. Mar 2018. PDF.

  • Note on finiteness properties of D-modules, from a talk at Michigan. Nov 2017. PDF.

  • "Spreading out” and its applications, from a talk at Michigan. Feb 2017. PDF.