Our Mission

CoMET (A Community of Medical Educators) is a trainee-designed, trainee-led, GME-sponsored initiative which started in 2016. Twice monthly 90-minute sessions will focus on both the development of practical teaching skills with structured opportunities for practice and feedback, as well as the opportunity to design and implement a medical education-focused scholarly project. Sessions will be facilitated by some of the health system’s most gifted educators.

Our goals for the programs are to:

  • Teach: Participants will leverage knowledge of core teaching skills to effectively educate learners in a variety of settings including in the classroom, at the bedside, and during procedures.

  • Discover: Participants will develop the skills necessary to produce respected scholarly work in education.

  • Inspire: Participants will be prepared to transition from trainee to faculty member in order to innovate and lead the next generation of medical trainees


Mehwish Ahmed (Internal Medicine)

Theresa Anderson (Internal Medicine)

Batoul Aoun (Pathology)

Nathan Kafity (Integrated Interventional Radiology)

Sarah Uttal (Internal Medicine)

Current Fellows

Amala Ambati (Rheumatology)

Haley Amoth (Pathology)

Carrie Bailes (Emergency Medicine)

Maddy Breeden (Internal Medicine)

Luke Burns (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Caroline Davis (Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine)

Christopher Edwards (Internal Medicine)

Melissa Elafros (Neuromuscular Medicine)

Ryan Eton (General Surgery)

Mary Finta (Internal Medicine)

Michael Harper (Pediatrics)

Elizabeth Jaworski (Radiation Oncology)

Kara Jencks (Internal Medicine)

Shannon Johnson (Internal Medicine)

Sravanthi Koduri (Neurosurgery)

Kayla Kolbe (Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine)

Kate Leonard (Dermatology)

Marisa Martin (Radiology)

Michael McLane (Internal Medicine)

Erinleigh Michaud (Internal Medicine)

Max Nagle (Internal Medicine)

Ania Owczarczyk (Hematopathology)

Letitia Pirau (Neurology)

Corey Post (Pathology)

Benjamin Pritz (Pediatrics)

Erica Rider (Pediatric Critical Care)

Melissa Ross (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Kevin Spellman (Pediatric Anesthesiology)

Michael Stevens (Pediatric Critical Care)

Bernie Stoody (Adolescent Medicine)

Jing Yi Sun (Allergy Immunology)

Xanthia Tucker (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Maxwell Wang (Pathology)

Alexander Waselewski (Pediatrics)


2020-2021 Alumni

Mehwish Ahmed (Internal Medicine)

Genevieve Allen (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Theresa Anderson (Internal Medicine)

Batoul Aoun (Pathology)

David Beavers (Cardiology)

Sarah Bell (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Brooke Blazius (Pediatric Nephrology)

Severine Cao (Dermatology)

John Coda (Internal Medicine)

Jacob DiBattista (Internal Medicine)

Melanie Donahue (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Amy Friedman (Anesthesiology)

Parsa Ghasem (Internal Medicine)

Jeffrey Gibbs (Internal Medicine)

Olivia Gutgsell (Neurology)

Nathan Kafity (Interventional Radiology)

Cat McDermott (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Daniel Miranian (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Emile Muallem (Pediatrics)

Kishan Padalia (Internal Medicine)

Samantha Rivard (General Surgery)

Elizabeth Scruggs (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Virginia Sheffield (Internal Medicine)

Samantha Stringer (Emergency Medicine)

Amy Strong (Plastic Surgery)

Sarah Uttal (Internal Medicine)

Alex Wester (Internal Medicine)

Katie Zurales (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

2019-2020 Alumni

Derek Antoku (Internal Medicine)

Kunal Bailoor (Internal Medicine)

Sarah Brown (Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine)

Christopher Grondin (Internal Medicine)

Cory Jones (Pediatric GI)

Scott Ketcham (Internal Medicine)

Deena Khamees (Emergency Medicine)

Irina Khurana (Internal Medicine)

Devvrat Malhotra (Internal Medicine)

Gunjan Malhotra (Radiology)

Brendan McNeish (PM&R)

Jared Morphew (Geriatrics)

Thomas O'Callaghan (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Kelli Paice (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Maria Pliakas (Pediatrics)

Elainee Poling (Family Medicine)

Shirish Poudyal (Internal Medicine)

Sana Qureshi (Ophthalmology)

Sumanna Sankaran (Anesthesiology)

Connor Snarkis (Anesthesiology)

Ryan Tsuchida (Emergency Medicine)

Robert Wang (Urology)

Steve Wilson (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Stephani Zakutansky (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Johnny Zheng (Internal Medicine)

2018-2019 Alumni

Mansoor Arain (Cardiology)

Jonathan Bender (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Taylor Broome (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Charles Brown (Emergency Medicine)

Karen Carver (OMFS)

Ben Cloyd (Anesthesiology)

Carrie Commissaris (Emergency Medicine)

Michael Green (Radiation Oncology)

Dave Kopin (Cardiology)

Jacob Mack (Internal Medicine)

Brandon Meyer (Pediatrics)

Alexandria Miller (Internal Medicine)

Vinay Patel (Gastroenterology)

Rama Salhi (Emergency Medicine)

Payton Schmidt (Obstetrics & Gynecology/Urogynecology)

Chris Wallace (Emergency Medicine)

Bonnie Wang (Pulmonary Critical Care)

Max Wayne (Internal Medicine)

Kiyanna Williams (Dermatology)

Lauren Wozniak (Pediatrics)

Prasanthi Yelavarthy (Cardiology)

2017-2018 Alumni

Sarah Allexan (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Elizabeth Hatfield (Hospital Dentistry)

Amanda Huey (Internal Medicine)

Payal Kenia (Child Neurology)

Kevin Kovatch (ENT)

Ran Lee (Cardiology)

Emily McMullen (Pathology)

Sarah Brown (Anesthesiology)

Suzanne Butler (Internal Medicine)

Fredy El Sakr (Cardiology)

Amanda Kitson (Pathology)

Kate Levy (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Aimee Rolson (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Anjali Sura (Pediatric Rheumatology)

Michael Ferrera (Internal Medicine)

Rebecca Harvey (ENT)

Ravi Iyengar (Endocrinology)

Kayla McAleenan (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Colin McCloskey (Emergency Medicine/Critical Care)

Sruthi Renati (Dermatology)

Hayley Ward (Emergency Medicine)

Elisabeth Acker (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Miguel Arribas (Emergency Medicine)

Julie Blaszczak (Family Medicine)

Dennis Chen (Gastroenterology)

Hillary Drexler (Anesthesiology)

Elise Gross (Pediatrics)

Jeremy Slivnick (Internal Medicine)

2016-2017 Alumni

Sarang Biel (Anesthesiology)

Bronwyn Bryant (Pathology)

Dru Claar (Pulmonary Critical Care)

Michael Cline (Interventional Radiology)

Brynn Dredla (Sleep Medicine)

Matt Ettleson (Internal Medicine)

Jason Fischer (Pediatrics)

Morgan Govindan (Pediatrics)

Nicholas Helmstetter (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Jennifer Hamberg (Pediatrics)

Nicholas Holzemer (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Kendall Kent (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Neil Khanna (Emergency Medicine)

Matthew Malone (Emergency Medicine)

Rebecca McConnell (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Meera Meerkov (Pediatrics/Neonatology)

Claire Northway (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics)

Andrea Oliverio (Nephrology)

Kimberly Shampain (Radiology)

Megan Joseph (Internal Medicine)

Stephanie Skala (Pathology)

Paul Swiecicki (Hematology/Oncology)

Sarah Tomlinson (Pediatric Emergency Medicine)

Matthew Wixson (Anesthesiology)

Matthew Wright (Gastroenterology)

Sarah Yentz (Hematology/Oncology)