Public Health AeroBiology Laboratory (PHAB Lab)

Studying Airborne Infection Transmission

Principal Investigators:
Donald K. Milton, MD, DrPH
Kristen K. Coleman, PhD
Kathleen McPhaul, RN, MPH, PhD

COVID-19 cases Fall 2023

An interview with Professor Don Milton
(Sept. 10, 2023)

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Why Is There Confusion About Whether Masks Prevent COVID-19? Public Perceptions, Misperceptions and the Messaging of Science

University of Maryland-CERSI/FDA Lecture: 

Presented by Donald Milton, MD, DrPH 

June 14, 2022

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In a  May 2022 CBS interview, Dr. Donald Milton discusses the future of implementing Far UV-C technology as an effective tool to mitigate the spread of air-borne infectious diseases such as COVID-19. This discussion comes at a time when we are still seeing individuals become infected with COVID-19 following the attendance of superspreader events, despite strict testing and vaccination requirements.

For more information about the safety and efficacy of Far-UVC technology, click Here.

In a New York Times op-ed (April 21, 2022), Dr. Donald K. Milton, along with Dr. Edward A. Nardell and Dr. David Michaels, discusses the potential of germicidal ultraviolet light for making indoor environments safer by disinfecting indoor air. 

Maryland Institute of Environmental Health 688 Seminar:

Results of the UMD StopCOVID Study
High Efficiency Air Sanitation with Germicidal UV Light for Schools and Conference Rooms

presented by Jianyu Lai, MPH and Don Milton, MD, DrPH

Date: Sep 7, 2021

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