UMD Pre-Transfer Advising

@ Anne Arundel Community College


UMD Pre-Transfer Advising @ AACC

Do you need help planning for transfer to the University of Maryland-College Park?

UMD Pre-Transfer Advisor Liz Murdock LaFortune is available for online individual advising sessions on Zoom or via phone to help AACC students with:

  • academic planning

  • course selection

  • estimating time-to-UMD graduation

  • major and career exploration

  • the transfer application process

UMD Pre-Transfer Advising is available for all AACC students considering a transfer to UMD. It's never too early to meet with Liz to develop your plan for transfer.

Learn a little about Liz before you meet with her.

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Prepare for your Pre-Transfer Advising Appointment

Once you've scheduled your appointment at

  1. Check your email confirmation for Zoom login information.

  2. Send all unofficial transcripts (and unofficial AP score reports, if applicable) to
    How to
    capture your unofficial AACC transcript:
    Log in to myAACC and click on Menu in the upper-left corner. Then click on Self Services, then Credit Students, then Academic Profile, then Unofficial Transcript, and download the document or take a screenshot of the page.

  3. Review the Transfer Resources page for Prospective Transfer Students.

  4. Log in on time and come prepared with questions.

Need to cancel or reschedule your appointment? Follow the instructions on your confirmation email.

Profile of Competitive Transfer Applicants

In order to be a competitive transfer applicant for admission to the university, a transfer student should have the following requirements completed at the time of application.

NOTE: Are you taking classes at AACC while still in high school? Please see "Application Information for Dual Enrollment Students" at the bottom of this page.

  • At least 30 college credits completed after high school. If students have between 12 and 29 credits, they can still apply but will need to submit their high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores (optional through Fall 2025), and their college transcripts. If students have 30 or more college credits earned after high school, they will only need to submit their college transcripts.

  • At least a solid B average, which is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. This should be a cumulative GPA that includes all attempted college coursework for all institutions ever attended.

  • Two completed courses that transfer to the University of Maryland, one as a Fundamentals of Math (FSMA) course, and another as a Fundamentals of English (FSAW) course. At AACC, ENG101 fulfills the English (FSAW) requirement.

  • Apply to UMD by the early action deadline (March 1 for fall, August 1 for spring) for transfer applicants.

If you have any questions about the admissions process or your chances for admission, please check out the UMD Admissions website or email

Check out the benefits to earning an Associate's Degree prior to transfer.

terps love transfers

Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP)

The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) provides a pathway for AACC students to earn an undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland (UMD).

Students who participate in MTAP have access to transfer advising resources, can take discounted courses at UMD prior to transfer, and are guaranteed admission to the university upon successful completion of the program and submission of a transfer application by the early action application deadline.

Review the program information and eligibility requirements and email with any questions.

For more information, check out the VIDEO at

Limited Enrollment Programs (LEPs)

The Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP) at the University of Maryland have specific gateway course and GPA requirements for admission.


  • Government & Politics - As of February 7, 2022, GVPT is no longer an LEP for UMD but transfer students should still plan on completing the former gateway courses (PLS111 and MAT135, 230, or 191) prior to transfer. Please set up an appointment with Liz to discuss how this change may affect your academic planning.
    Program Information

LEP programs include:

Transfer Information Sessions
Gateway Courses at AACC

Compare UMD Computing-related Majors to find the one that fits your interest!

Find out about the UMD Computer Science Exemption Exams.

Updated 04/11/2022; subject to change without notice. Please check the Transfer Course Database to confirm equivalent gateway courses.

Navigating the UMD Transfer Course Database

Did you know that there is a tool you can use to determine how your prior college credits may transfer to UMD?

The Transfer Course Database allows you to look up courses taken at AACC (and other colleges and universities) to see if/how your credits will transfer. You can view this video for instructions on how to use the database or you can find a step by step guide here.

Do you have prior learning credits (AP, IB, CLEP, Basic Military Training, etc.)? Be sure to review UMD Prior Learning Credit Information as the credit given may be different from AACC.

As of Fall 2022, transfer students may apply a maximum of 70 credits from a community or two-year college or 90 credits from a combination of two and four-year institutions toward a degree at UMD.

Interested in the Health Professions (pre-med/dental/PT/PA, etc.)?

Are you planning for a career in the Health Professions after UMD?

Often students ask what they should major in as a pre-health Terp. Students can choose from any major on campus but should design their academic program to include the required prerequisite courses for their chosen professional track. Once you are attending UMD, you will have access to work with THE REED-YORKE HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISING OFFICE to plan appropriately for continuing your education. These advisors do not work with prospective students, but you can visit their site now at to find helpful info such as which classes you should include in your preparation.

Application Information for Dual Enrollment Students (including AACC's ECAP program)

Are you taking classes at AACC while still in high school?

High school students who would like to be considered for UMD admission for the fall or spring following high school graduation should, per Admissions, apply using the freshman application process and submit their application by the freshman application deadline no matter how many college credits they have earned while attending high school. This includes students completing an associate’s degree prior to or at the same time as graduating from high school.

A student can only be eligible to apply as a transfer student by earning at least 12 college credits after high school graduation or completion of the GED.

If you have additional questions about the application process, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 301-314-8377 or email with the subject: "Dual Enrollment Student (Name of your High School)".


Email Liz Murdock LaFortune, UMD Pre-Transfer Advisor @ AACC, at