CUA-Physics REU/GRAD-MAP/TREND 2022 Research Conference

Welcome to the CUA-Physics REU/GRAD-MAP/TREND 2022 Scholars Conference portal. Check out the Event Booklet for a list of scholars, project titles, abstracts, and detailed schedules.

Live talks are 10:05am to 12:40pm (ET) on Friday August 5th at AJ Clark Hall Forum (1101) or Zoom.

Live posters are 12:50pm to 1:50pm (ET) on Friday August 5th at AJ Clark Hall Forum (1101).

Use the gallery below to access:

  • PDF versions of the posters, to experience them at your own pace

  • TREND 2022 research comics, for a more lighthearted take on their projects


Event Booklet

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🟦 Characterization and Categorization of PbWO4 Scintillating Crystals for Particle Detectors - Rayyan El Ghadour

TREND 2022 Media Projects (Research Comics)

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Ariana Bussio

Sara Earnest

Connor Hewson

Autumn Jackson Bartholomew

Jacob Jeffries

Jessica Jiang

Aimen Khan

Amanda Lucini

Marco Marrufo

Lucas Vanhoever

Chloe Widman