CUA-Physics REU/GRAD-MAP/TREND 2021 Research Conference Poster Session

Welcome to the CUA-Physics REU/GRAD-MAP/TREND 2021 Scholars Conference poster session portal.

Live presentations are 2:45pm to 3:45pm (ET) on Friday August 6th in our gather room (check out this doc for a map and poster list).

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  • TREND 2021 research comics, for a more lighthearted take on their projects

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Event Booklet

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🟩 Lost Particle Trajectories in Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarators - Daniel Alex

🟩 Cherenkov Maser Amplifier Nonlinear Analysis and Simulations - Paul Argyle

🟩 Stabilizing Parallel Formations in Swarms of Fish-Inspired Swimming Robots Executing Intermittent Locomotion - Leela Cañuelas

🟦 Systematic Assessment of Single Molecule Data Analysis Software - Miles Crenshaw + Adeeb Saed

🟨 Observational Astronomy: Exoplanet Transits - Karen N. Delgado Vega

🟩 Identification of Distinct Intestinal Motility Patterns in Crayfish from Multivariate Time Series - Darrell Fischer

🟩 Synchronization in a Star Network of Narrow-band Optoelectronic Oscillators - Esther Gallmeier

🟦 Investigations of Electric Transport in Semiconductors: A Monte Carlo Approach - Ashraful Haque

🟩 Understanding Electron Transport Through P Atom(s) Embedded in Silicon - Shriya Haravu

🟩 MHD Radio Frequency Generator - Zahra Nenna Heussen

🟩 Simulating the effects of ion mass-to-charge ratio on the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability - Ivan Jane

🟦 Increasing the Efficiency of The Neutral Particle Spectrometer - Sai Akshitha Jupally

🟨 Tidal Disruption Event simulation using the hydrodynamics code β€œDISCO” - Fraol Kebede

🟩 Design and Simulation of a Small-Scale electron LINAC - William Matava

🟦 πœ™ β†’ K+K- as a probe for Ο€/K separation power - Ciaran McKay

🟨 Photon Trajectories in Curved Spacetime - Syeda Nasim

🟨 Energy-dependent Morphology of a High-energy Pulsar using HAWC - Elaine Nieves

🟩 COMSOL Simulations of molecular sieve based Gas Sensor - Kendra Rivers

🟨 Adaptive optics and optical vortices - Joshua Samuel

🟦 Optimizing event selection for Ξ›(1405) - Zachary Templeton

🟦 Studies revealing the structure of light mesons at the Electron-Ion Collider - David Zarta

TREND 2021 Media Projects (Research Comics)

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Daniel Alex

Paul Argyle

Leela CaΓ±uelas

Darrell Fischer

Esther Gallmeier

Shriya Haravu

Zahra Heussen

Ivan Jane

William Matava

Kendra Rivers