Intentional Leadership Groups

Let's Grow Together! Take your leadership to the next level by tapping into a supportive network of like-minded colleagues and friends. The 2021-2022 season of UMCRM Intentional Leadership Groups (ILGs) will focus on finding inspiration and progress through connection with others who are seeking to grow in similar areas. This year, ILGs will meet as open discussion cohorts; convened by an individual, but guided by the group as a whole. ILG cohorts typically meet once a month for 9 months; September through May (unless otherwise indicated).

In a time of constant change, when adaptive leadership is utilized every day, this model of open discussion cohorts will allow you and your group to discuss the topics that are relevant to you.

Group Details and Descriptions

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

2nd Wednesday of each month - Starting 9/8/21

11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

Join UMCRM leaders in a supportive "community of practice" to explore and reflect on experiences of race, racism, and diversity in your ministry setting. We commit to learning together and growing in anti-racist practices.

Group Leaders: Todd Bartlett (Oregon-Idaho Conference Camp & Retreat Ministries), Arthur Spriggs (South Carolina UM Camp & Retreat Ministries), Melinda Trotti (Camp Mekokiko - Interim), John Michael Spelman (Camp Aldersgate), Jack Shitama (Pecometh Camp & Retreat Ministries)

Leadership Book Group

1st Friday of each month (this is subject to change) - Starting 9/3/21

4pm Eastern / 1 Pacific

Be a part of this group of camping and retreat leaders who are coming together to lift up one another in leadership development through respectful discussion and holy reading.

Group Leader: Relena Lyddon Myers (Birchwood Camp)


1st Thursday of each month - Starting 9/2/21

1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

We’ll spend our time together learning how to work smarter, not harder. Bring your best practices on how to prioritize and manage time, develop helpful routines and find time for rest, renewal and play. This will be a time of learning, support and accountability.

Group Leaders: Jack Shitama (Pecometh Camp & Retreat Ministries) & Nick Coenen (Pine Lake Camp)

Fundraisers' Cohort

2nd Thursday of each month - Starting 9/9/21

1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

Is fund development part of your job description? Are you a board member wanting to learn more about raising funds for your organization? Join us for idea sharing and collaborative learning.

Group Leader: Heather Withrow (Jumonville Camp & Retreat Center)

Program Directors' Cohort

3rd Thursday of each month - Starting 9/30/21

1:30pm Eastern / 10:30am Pacific

Share ideas and gain inspiration as part of this dynamic group of Program Directors.

Group Leaders: Hope Montgomery (Camp Magruder) & Alex Tidwell (Lazy F Camp & Retreat Center)

Retreat Center Directors' Cohort

2nd Thursday of each month - Starting 9/9/21

2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Directors of Retreat Centers meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday. Come find connection and guidance from UMCRM peers who do what you do. New members welcome.

Group Leader: Richelle Darrell (Pecometh Camp & Retreat Ministries)

Executives & Conference CRM Staff Cohort

3rd Tuesday of every other month - Starting 8/17/21

11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

For those who oversee Camp & Retreat Ministries on behalf of an Annual Conference or who serve as multi-site Camp & Retreat executives. This group is for connection & mutual support among those who truly get what you do. Bi-monthly (ish).

Group Leader: Varies by month

*Note - October's meeting will be held in-person at Jumonville on 10/29/21