Mechanisms in Plant Development Journal Club


Current Semester: Spring 2021 (led by Dr. Jamie Kostyun)

Please remember to have a paper for 1 minute summaries at the beginning of each class, ideally from an assigned journal. These, along with other relevant/interesting papers or articles, should also be posted to individual pages.

For Spring 2021, we will continue bringing 1 minute papers to share with the group, and we'll be sure to adhere to the 1 minute time limit! We're also going to post 1-3 additional relevant/interesting papers - these are to help the group be more aware of current literature, but not to discuss in detail during the meetings. We will also continue assigning figures, which will help streamline the discussion. When assigned a figure, be sure to understand and be able to explain what the data are, what they mean in the context of the paper, and whether they support the author's interpretation.